Weekend Fun

We stayed close to home this weekend and spent time with family and friends.  It was quite nice to relax, actually!  We all got to sleep late, a weekend luxury that will disappear when basketball starts.  The boys caught up on their video games and I caught up around the house.  I think we all feel refreshed!

We did make it out for a few things.  We had a nice time hanging out with family on Saturday at my parent’s house.  My mom made a delicious lasagna Italian dinner.  Mmm.  My brother came in his new Jeep – nice!

J new carThe girls had fun with his other new baby.  He was all smiles this visit.

Smiley guy M crop

Me & M crop

It was another scout packed weekend.  The boys and I collected the food our neighbors left for our local food pantry during Scouting for Food.

Scouts FF2Then we had our Thanksgiving pack meeting.  The boys get to feast on snacks at this meeting.  They get a little crazy after all that sugar!

Scouts pack fun A cropI started on some holiday planning this weekend.  I almost hate to admit it, but I did start shopping too.  I was keeping an eye on certain items the boys were interested in and was horrified to see the price go up from last week!  It is probably only going to get worse.  But some of it was fun.  I am planning on making tons of cookies this year, so I was looking into cookie recipes.  Then there is the infamous Sammy, our Elf.  He usually makes an appearance after Thanksgiving, so it was time to catch up a bit on what everyone’s Elves were up to last year.  The craziness of the holidays seem to start all at once.  Better to be prepared.

SammyTomorrow is a big day for me!  My month’s hiatus from running is finally over!  My Achilles feels great.  Now the trick is to start up again slowly…

So, I am wondering, have you started planning for the holidays?


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