Visiting The Dinosaur

Today our quest for local attractions took us back to a place we used to like to go when the boys were young.  In fact, Aidan requested this visit, remembering the fun we used to have there.  Can you guess?  Believe it or not, we went to Barnes & Noble!  This trip was not nearly as easy as it used to be, pre-eReader.  We used to have more than one bookstore within 15 minutes of our house.  Now many of those stores are closed.  We traveled about 30 miles – a 45 minute trip, to get to the bookstore today.

BNSo off we went, Nana, the boys and I.  It was well worth the trip!  The atmosphere was festive and cozy at the same time.  The boys were initially sidetracked by the toys, but eventually found the books!  There is something special about being surrounded by so many books.  A sense of opportunity maybe?  Excitement over choosing your next read?  It reminded me how much easier it is to find a new book at an actual bookstore.  I don’t know about you, but I feel very limited searching for books online.  Sometimes I get stuck with just a couple of authors.  The boys found new authors as well.  Are you surprised?  if you know them, you will have no trouble realizing which book belongs to which boy.

Ds book  As Book

I found a book that might work for my next book club selection as well.  What do you think girls?  It is tough to choose the December book.  No one really has time to read.

c bookI found a really cool item for the boys as well.  It is a bookmark that has a reading light and tracks the amount of time they have read!  In our district, the kids are supposed to read for 30 minutes a night.  Some days mine spend too much of that time looking at the clock.  This will solve that problem!  You can find these on amazon too, although they are a bit more expensive there.

bookmarkWe had fun lounging in the Starbucks café with goodies before we left.  It was just a really great time.  I wish bookstores were not going the way of the dinosaur.  It would be great to have one closer.

So, I am wondering, do you read printed books or use an eReader?  How about your kids?


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