Today was a victorious day for us.  We celebrated with family and donuts and lots of happy congratulations.  Today my oldest came home from school with a letter telling us he has been chosen to be in his school’s gifted and talented program.

A Victory

I think most parents would be proud of this achievement, but it is a big deal for us.  My guy has overcome many challenges in his life so far, and he continues to do so everyday.  We know how strong he is and how smart he is (doesn’t every parent?).  We know how hard he works.  And although we tell him we are proud of him it doesn’t carry the same weight as an unbiased opinion.  So now he knows that other people notice his hard work as well.  This is his first place medal.  And you know what?  It feels like a first place medal to me too.

victoryVictories come in all shapes and sizes – a goal achieved, a new friend, an obstacle overcome.  Victory inspires us to go farther, even if the victory is not our own.  This weekend I will have an opportunity to be victorious as well.  While I am running I will think of my guy and the proud smile on his face today.

So I am wondering, what victories have you experienced recently – big or small?


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