Universal Studios

Today the boys went to Universal Studios for the first time, which is kind of surprising because it is so close to their grandparents’ house. It was perfect for us because we are not really ride people. Most of the rides here focus on special effects and illusion, which is more our style.

20141104_105126Mine and Aidan’s favorite was Minion Mayhem. How can you not like the characters in this movie?

20141104_134726 20141104_203900The studio tour was amazing and we actually did see Minnie Driver on the set of About a Boy, along with a ton of famous movie sets. The Waterworld stunt show was a favorite as well.


A plane flew across the set and landed right next to the audience!  There were fires, explosions, crazy high jumps into the water and a lot of splashing.

The food area was mostly set up like a street in Paris. It brought back fun memories of my most favorite place to visit.  Aidan and I had macaroons and cookies at the patisserie while everyone else was on the Transformers ride.

PhotoGrid_1415163087353 Not all of the food was French though! I think this lunch could have been served at medieval times as well!


If you get the chance you should definitely visit Universal Studios. Look what we passed on the way home.


So, I am wondering, does your family like rides?


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