Turkey Day

As usual the time between school starting and winter break is flying by. I can’t believe Thanksgiving is over and we are on to Christmas! These are special times though when we get to see family that lives farther away.

This year the kids made their gingerbread houses with time to spare. Which is good because I think I finally threw away the kits from last year around Easter. Once the holidays get rolling, there doesn’t seem to be time for anything! Here they are – from start to finish.


We all love this project and it is fun to do together.



I’m sure you are all as surprised as I was that I was accused of taking too many pictures! And yes, that is amazing sangria behind me that my sister in law made. Perfect for the holidays!


These two are so cute together.


Every time we get together at my mom’s everyone piles on top of each other on one side of the couch. Why is that? Cousin love, I guess.


My brother and my dad deep fried the turkey for the first time this year. I definitely recommend it! So much better and faster than turkey in the oven.


Do you remember sitting at the kid’s table? Ours is connected to the adult’s table, but it is a little shorter. 😉 We spent the day catching up and just having fun together. My brother in law took all of the good pictures on his DSLR. I’ll share when he does. Hint, hint.


It was a great day. Every year we brave Black Friday shopping after Thanksgiving. We have a great time and anyone who goes out can tell you it is really a sporting event, not a shopping trip. There is an atmosphere that is difficult to explain and I have not experienced anywhere else. You are simultaneously vying with everyone else for that one item and new best friends all at the same time. The closest I have come to experiencing this elsewhere, oddly, is when there is a national tragedy. Strange, right?  But it really is so much fun. I started going without a list at all – I just went to have fun with my sister. Then I started shopping the ads. Anyway, we have had fun for years doing this but I had to take a pass this year. Crutches and Black Friday just do not go together. Guess what? You can get most of the same deals online! Yay. Most of my shopping is now done.

I did go out for a fun experience over the weekend. Cooking class! What a fun night out!  A professional chef teaches you how to make an intricate meal and then you get to eat it. We made steak and lobster and whoopee pies!  Check it out.


So, I am wondering, are you done with your decorating? (I have not started yet)


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