Try Something New

So… What do you think? Every now and then you have to try something new. It’s not always easy. This theme change took me forever and I am not even sure I like it. But I’m still happy to switch it up a bit. Let me know if you like this theme or my old theme better. This cracked me up. But it is a good point.


We had an awesome lunch at my mom’s and dad’s today. We are still kind of celebrating Valentine’s Day – can you tell? It’s a good holiday to stretch out.

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You can never have too much chocolate as far as I’m concerned. I proved that to myself this weekend until I finally had to tell myself to stop. Luckily Eileen and I ran 8 miles before the holiday.


Especially since lazy snow days and chocolate really don’t mix well!  Or maybe they do…


It was all BeachBody DVDs for the rest of the weekend. #windmills – “Nailed it!” That is for my sister in law, Ari. 😉  I really am glad to have full body workouts and cross training right in my living room, especially when the weather is bad.


We took the kids to play glow in the dark golf before the snow came. You should go! The kids loved it and we did too.


We made a few other stops while we were there. It wasn’t a beach day, but there are plenty of other things to do in Atlantic City. It’s amazing how much fun a toddler can have eating in a restaurant.


I am often guilty of this…


So, I am wondering, what do you think of this theme?


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