Travel Soccer

Today was our first travel soccer practice of the season!  We have some of the boys from our team last year back and some new faces.  It was exciting to get back into it.  Since soccer is Dane’s sport, Aidan was my photographer.  Too bad we forgot the camera and he had to use his iPod! 


You never know what the weather is going to do lately.  Today was 68 degrees!  Too bad we had already scheduled practice inside.  Of course in two days the forecast is for a high of 25 degrees and our 100th snowstorm of the season.  LOL  The boys all did really well at practice though and didn’t seem to mind the faster speed of indoor practice.  I’m excited to work with them.


It’s time to retire my Brooks Pure Cadence 1 and I am very sad about it.  Since my Achilles injury there are very few running shoes (well all shoes, actually) that I can tolerate.  So I went on a quest today for new running shoes that have a very low heel height.  Brooks redesigned my favorite shoe so it is out of the question.  After trying on a million pairs, I ended up with a neutral/stability shoe.  Here they are – Brooks Ghost 6.

shoes 008 shoes 009

I’m not that excited about them, to be honest.  I’m not a fan of that giant cushion underneath.  But who knows – maybe I will end up loving this style.  I’ll report back when I try them.  Tomorrow Jen and I plan a minimum of 10, so I will wait to test these. 

By the way, did you notice my running log is not working??  What’s up with that? 

So, I am wondering, did you get to enjoy the nice weather today?

I’m also wondering how many pairs of running shoes do you own?  Do you rotate them?


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