Trail Run

The girls and I ran somewhere new today.  We decided to try a nearby county park that has tons of trails.

girls wm

It is finally getting to be nice here on a pretty regular basis, which makes it easy to get motivated to run.  This park has great scenery, but the trails are not as obvious as you might think.

Wm path

This was nothing like our regular run – there were a ton of obstacles… and hills… and mud.  It was a great workout and a great break from the pavement!

trail collage

We will all be sore tomorrow.  Just to make life interesting, Jeannette decided to “hide” her car key somewhere along the 7.5 miles of pine needles we ran through.  Oh no!  It was her lucky day though.  Like magic, a couple we passed appeared behind us with her key!  Just in time.  We were about to be late to get the kids from school.  So here is my formal apology to anyone who was standing near me in the pick up line at school today.  I came directly from my run, which I try never to do.  Yikes!

The rest of the day was pretty normal.  Well, except I volunteered for a major Cub Scout project.  Wish me luck – it is already behind schedule.

So, I am wondering, why do some people always volunteer and some people never do?


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