To Post or Not To Post?

Summer… how can you argue with this?

beach D beach A

It was such a beautiful beach day today.  We loved catching up here with Lu-Ann and Christian.  It is hard to believe that the boys have only been out of school for a week!  It feels like it has been summer vacation for a while now.  The boys have reluctantly started their summer reading and work, but they would much rather be doing this right now.

beach cards

Of course I started the day off with a run.

Post run

What do you think about exercise posts?  My first post (forever ago now!) was accidental.  I didn’t realize I had changed my settings on Runkeeper and was completely surprised to see the summary on Facebook.  I was also surprised at the feedback I got!  After being encouraged to keep posting, it didn’t take me long to realize that my runs were more productive when I posted.  No more excuses or “I’ll just take it easy for a mile.”

post not post

So I am in favor of posting exercise stats.  I like the accountability.  I am also inspired by my friends’ posts.  It is great to see what they have accomplished and it is also nice to have the opportunity to encourage them.  Plus it is a reminder that there is a community of people who love the same thing I love.

post no fb

I know there are people who do not share my feelings though!

post lazy

What is your opinion?  And why do you feel this way?

post forgot

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  1. Margie

    Keep sharing!!! I love exercise posts

    1. (Post author)

      Me too! It makes me want to get out there again.

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