Time Off

You may have noticed I took some time off from blogging. Sometimes time off is just necessary, I guess. The good news is that I got caught up on some things that were getting really tough to fit in, including sleep. Wearing my Jawbone Up made it really clear to me that I am not getting nearly enough sleep! So this week I made up for that by getting a few early nights in. When was the last time you got to bed early? You should try it.


I love this little reminder. Being present and appreciating our every day activities is not always easy, but it can change your life. Also, I love the SUP yoga picture.  It reminds me of being the only person to fall off of my paddleboard last summer during yoga class! Yup, I look over at Jeannette doing a perfect handstand on her paddleboard and end up in the water. 😉 I have been loving yoga again lately since I am sidelined from running. Some days I really just need to get out there though. I know, I know. So when I just need a run, I make it a very little run. And only if my leg can handle it that day.


I guess this is probably why.


The boys and I decided to have a picnic dinner on the bay tonight and watch the sunset. It was a beautiful night.


We love living close to the water.

2014-10-17 20.49.45

At first the boys didn’t want to give up their video games, but they ended up so happy we went. It is a great feeling when your kids thank you for taking them somewhere.

2014-10-17 20.59.04

It is getting dark so much earlier already! It seems like it was just summer break.

2014-10-17 20.58.22

2014-10-17 20.52.48


Here we are just having fun at home.


And Fezzy in the tub. He loves taking a bath! He runs around in circles he is so excited.


So, I am wondering, when was the last time you went to bed early and were not sick?


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