Look what Dane found tonight!  His trading card from his first soccer team!

dane card front

He was such a cutie!  Aidan and Dane were actually on this team together with a bunch of their best friends.  Dane swears he was the goalkeeper for this team too.  ; )

Dane card back

Tomorrow is our last game of the season.  I hope it goes well!

The girls and I managed to get together this morning for a run even though we all thought we had too much going on at first.  One by one we all arrived at Jeannette’s house (even crazy Jeannette who was at the gym first!).

run girls

I’m so glad we made it.  Tara – we missed you though!  The kids will be out of school soon and it will be harder to get together.  It was so humid this morning!  It was not easy to breathe!  But we managed 6 good miles anyway.  I’m happy to report my knee is feeling better too.  Sometimes one good day off is all it takes.


You know what they say…

run bib

Eileen and I owe everyone at BJ’s an apology.  We went there straight from our extremely hot run – because that is just how busy the last couple of weeks of school/sports is!  It was not pretty though.  It is really the only place that sells produce in big enough containers.  The boys and I will go through the regular size of raspberries/blueberries in one sitting.  And you know how I feel about these tomatoes!  I bought two this trip so there is no pressure to conserve them!


Yes, those are plantains you see.  Have you had them?  Fried plantains are one of my favorites.  Also known as tostones, they are easy to make.  Here is a recipe if you want to try them yourself.  I skip dipping them in water, but make sure you buy ripe (not green) plantains.  They won’t taste good otherwise.


Hope you have a good weekend!

So, I am wondering, what is your favorite type of food?


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