The Perfect Race

Sunday was a big day for races around here.  There was an 18 Mile island race, a marathon and half marathon in Atlantic City and the Perfect 10 Miler.  It was hard to choose!  The Atlantic City half marathon has been my favorite race for a while now.  It is a nice flat course on the boardwalk and along the beach.  Of course, the 18 miler is a rite of passage of sorts around here since it is unique to our area.  The Perfect 10 Miler won for me in the end.  I chose it because the largest number of girls in my running club were running that race, it had really great perks and a flat course.  Also, the theme was to empower women.  And honestly, ten miles is a sweet spot.  A half marathon is good too, but ten can be a good distance to see what you can do.

p 10 medal

I now have a contender for my new favorite race!  This race was so much fun!  We all met in the dark to caravan to the race.  It was way too early for me, but the novelty adds to the experience.  We laughed on the car ride there about our super hero attire and other nonsense.

As usual, when we arrived it was cold.  The problem with this is that we were all dressed to run and not for the cold.  Some races have a gear check where you can leave a sweatshirt in a bag and come back for it after the race is over.  More commonly though, runners will wear a “throw away shirt.”  Essentially, a warm shirt they will leave at the starting line of the race.  Usually these clothes are later donated to charity.  At our last race we used throw away sweatshirts.  This time around I bought removable sleeves.  Not a complete solution, but they help.  And I was able to take them off once I warmed up on my run.

Me P10 crop

There was the usual anticipation at the starting line.  It was nothing like a 5k (where there is real pressure to run FAST!), but everyone just wants the race to start.  Since corrals were not assigned we all stood together somewhere behind the 9 mile pacer.  This is what it looked like from that vantage point.  You can see why it is not possible to run at the very beginning of any big race, even though your time has started.  There were close to 2,000 women running this race.

Pre race P 10

I ran most of the race with my race buddy, Holly.  Holly and I run well together and pair up for most of our races.  This time around we started running faster than we usually do and just kept up the pace.  We ran past the tuba player and the lady ringing the bells (how did she keep getting ahead of us anyway?)  We waved to all of our girls and complained about any hills we came to.  We laughed at the crazy outfits we saw.  It was a good time.  I just felt good running that day.

Me & Holly P 10

When we finished we celebrated with pretzels, pasta and chocolate dipped fruit with our girls.  It was a really fun race with a bunch of great friends.

P10 Club

Friends P 10

By the way, remember that medal/bib holder I got a while ago?  This one?

Medal Holder 1

Look at it now.  : )  Lots of fun times.

medal holder 10 2013


So, I am wondering, would you enter a race because a friend was running it?


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