The Night Before Race Day

Twas the night before race day, when all through the house

Not a creature was stirring, not even a chiuhuahua;

My superwoman running gear was laid out with care,

In hopes that a medal would soon be worn there.

Perfect 10 shirt

The children were sleeping over in Nana’s and Popop’s beds;

While visions of extra dessert and a movie danced in their heads.

I had picked up my race bib and fancy new jacket;


The Expo was fun, but boy what a racket!

I finally purchased those cool Brooks sleeves;

The ones we hunted for last race eve!

We wandered around and what did I see;

The throne, reserved especially for me! (Well, not just me.  My running club)


We chatted with friends about the usual things;

Where would we meet?  Who is driving?  What time should we leave?

10 friends

With everything settled we said our goodbyes;

And hunted for carbohydrates to keep us revived.

Now we are settled all snug in our beds;

With visions of race day fun running through our heads.

The alarm has been set to ring in just a few hours!

I hope the sun will chase away these rain showers.

Tomorrow we will be super;  a Perfect 10;

Next year I am sure we will all do it again!

10 sign

Good luck to all of my girls running tomorrow!  The Perfect 10 Miler girls, The 18 Mile girls and my very brave Atlantic City Marathon girl!  Good luck also to my Tough Mudder friends.  As my 9 year old would say, “Tomorrow will be epic!”

So, I am wondering, have you run a race?  Would you try one?




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