The New Guy

There is a new guy in our family that we are all quite taken with.


It is amazing to see how tiny he is!  I can’t remember my guys ever being that small – but of course they were.  He comes complete with tiny yawns and cute stretches.  His parents claim that he cries, but I don’t believe it.  He even opened his eyes and smiled for us!  (Not at the same time – yet).


The boys have a list of things they want to teach him, including how to play Minecraft, not to eat okra, not to play with girls, that chocolate is the best food.  Between them and his big brother I am sure they will cover all the “boy basics.”  Why do I see potty humor in my future for years to come?  Do boys grow out of that?   Anyway, they are very excited about their new cousin.  In fact, as we were leaving his house they wanted to know when we would next see him and his brother.










Luckily, we live nearby.  Also luckily, I had finished knitting the “guy” for our new addition before he arrived.  I hope he likes it when he gets a bit older.

BunnyBunny back








If you want to knit this bunny guy yourself, visit and search for Bunny under “softies.”

So, I am wondering, what color would you make a “guy” for a new baby if you didn’t know whether it was a boy or a girl?


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