The Last Day of Summer

For the kids anyway!  We made the most of it.  The boys had friends over for a sleepover.  We all decided that an ice cream dessert after breakfast was necessary since it was the last sleepover of the summer!


I went for an incredibly humid run this morning.  Why does it feel like the middle of August lately?  You know it is not good when all of the windows of your house are covered in condensation.  I’m still happy I went though!  #neverregretarun

humid run

The kids had orientation at their schools today.  I think both of my boys got awesome teachers.  We are excited for a great year.  They are happy to have good friends in their classes too!

school group

school collage

I bet you can’t guess what we did after orientation?  Our last “One Last Beach Day!”  It was a good one too!  We were surprised and happy to see the lifeguards were still working when we got there.

beach collage

It’s a good thing they were!  One of the kids actually got hurt today ;(  He is fine, but the kids (including the injured one) all thought it was great.  Only boys…

beach injury

A few random things.  The boys love this “plant” growing in our yard.  They refuse to let me cut it down.


Have you tried this bread?  It is so good!  It’s also fun that it is only available in the fall.  Now if I could only get pumpkin coffee for my Keurig again.


Do you agree with this?

marathon insp


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