The Journey Is The Point

The journey continues, both literally and figuratively for us.  We will soon be off to visit family.  Luckily the boys and I enjoy the adventure of getting there – shuttle buses, planes, hotel and all.  I am not sure we can say the same for the dog, but he is happy once we arrive.


The journey is an important part of distance running too.  It takes a while to get to your destination!  You might as well enjoy it.

10 miles

We have been enjoying being back at the beach after a week of camp.  We had a great day with my nephews and sister in law.  Can you believe how cute this guy is?  He is the sweetest too.

beach cousins1

The boys love playing with their cousins.

beach cousins 4

And I love holding this guy.

beach cousins 3

The boys and I took a little time out from running errands today for some photo booth fun.

photo booth2

photo booth1

photo booth1

It was another beautiful day at the beach with friends today.

beach day 9

The kids had a blast collecting the jellyfish that had washed up on the beach.  The water was perfect today too.

beach day3

beach day6

beach day5

beach day 4

beach day7

beach day2

clouds journey


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