The Home Stretch

Well, we are in the home stretch now for Christmas.  The crunch of the last week before Christmas is here and, once again, I forgot I would be busy at school many of these days.  Teacher gifts need to be finalized and brought in and this is no small task where my boys are concerned.  One of my boys has 7 teachers/ aides this year that we would like to give a gift to!  Thankfully, my other one has less.

A party1

Today I went to Aidan’s class holiday party.  Every child brought their favorite holiday food to the party along with an essay about the origin of the dish in their holiday celebration.  It was quite a feast!  I think we all felt spoiled to be able to try so many specialties!  It was also great that so many parents could attend the party.  Our district is severely limiting the number of parents that come to parties and I don’t know why.  To see the kids today, I know it was important and special to them that their parents were there.  I am sure I have mentioned how happy I am with Aidan’s class this year.  He has great teachers and the principal is wonderful too.  I wish every year could be like this one.

A party2

Before the party I managed to squeeze in a short run.  Boy, it’s cold outside!  I know my opportunities to run will be more limited once the boys are off for winter break, so I am not missing any chances now.  There is a race coming up that I really want to run.  I just found out about it yesterday and I thought about it for much of my run today.  Motivation for cold weather running!  I hope I can get in!  I wonder if I will regret it?  I think I am up for the challenge though.  I will have to decide soon.


So, I am wondering, have you signed up for any winter races?



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