The End of Camp

Today was the last day of Cub Scout camp for the boys.  It was a great week and we are all exhausted!  Sharon and I had a great time chaperoning and I’m sure we will sleep well tonight.

me and Sharon lake

We were so tired we cleaned the boys up and went out to dinner.  Well, we really went because it was Loren’s birthday.  But we were also really glad not to have to cook anything!

boys at Shore Fire

Happy Birthday Loren!

3 girls

Dane and the “Bears” had another great day.

Dane & Bears

Of course it had to include gaga ball and we threw in volleyball to mix it up.

camp sports

Aidan loved sleeping at camp this year, but he was ready for his own bed.  Notice anything familiar here?

A Camp WAC

I didn’t when I went to visit his campsite this morning.  It was only tonight when I was unpacking his camp gear that I realized that he mostly wore the same outfit all week.  Lol.  Boys.  Here are the rest of the clean clothes I packed him.

A clothes

All is well that ends well though.  Here is Aidan with the Webelos.

A & Webelos

And here is Fezzy.  Just because he is cute.  😉


TrailBlazers tomorrow and what promises to be a busy weekend.  Sigh…  We will sleep one day.  Until then we will just enjoy every minute.


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