The End Is The Beginning

This is always true, I think.  The reverse can also be true – The Beginning Is The End.  In this case, it is the last official weekend of summer.  The boys and I started our weekend with our playground/running time and then went to the beach with friends.  This is the epitome of summer for us.  We live 10 miles from an 18 mile island with beautiful beaches everywhere you look.

SB beach entrance

Gull LBI

We start each summer the same way we are ending it –  a trip to the beach with our friends.  Our kids play in the surf and sand while we soak up the sun and catch up with each other.  It is a part of our summer lives.  We know exactly how these days will go and the kids and adults alike look forward to them.  Each one is distinguished by subtle differences – what time is high tide, is there a sandbar, did our favorite ice cream truck come to our street, are there sand crabs or jellyfish or sand dollars to collect.  My favorite distinction of course, is whether I have found sea glass (and how much!).  Collecting sea glass is an obsession of mine that started when I was a young girl with my Nana.  I have quite a collection now.  I digress…


So today, sadly, is part of an ending.  We had a great time though.


And although it is the end of the summer, it is the beginning of the next phase for us.  Schedules and kid-free time for long runs.  Coaching, kids sports, and fall races.  Pumpkin picking, hayrides and homework.  We will miss these carefree days, I am sure.  But there are plenty of fun times ahead.



So, I am wondering, what is your favorite summer pastime?


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