Test Your Limits

Easier said than done, right?  Stepping outside of your comfort zone is, well… uncomfortable.  But it can also be very rewarding.  This works best for me when I don’t overthink my new goal.  For example, I ran my first half marathon at the last minute.  I am not generally a last minute person.  In fact, I had planned to run a half six months later.  I had a training program set up and was very excited to reach my goal.  But life (especially with kids) does not always go as planned.  The 10k I signed up for was supposed to be the same Sunday as the half marathon.  Due to an overwhelming response, however, the race directors decided to move the 10k to Saturday – opening day of Little League baseball in our town.  This was not going to work for me.  A good runner friend of mine that I was regularly running 7 miles with encouraged me to switch to the half marathon.  I realized that it was actually possible for me to do this!  So, with two weeks until the race I began to increase my mileage.  I didn’t think too much about it – I was afraid I would chicken out!  But I tested my limits by believing in myself and I did it.  It is still my favorite race.  Here I am (in blue) with some of the amazing girls in my running club.  My boys made me gear to give me luck along the way.


Today I tested my limits in an entirely different way.  My trees needed some serious work.  I had dead trees, overgrown trees, and one providing residence to tent worms!  So, with the help of my dad and his chain saw, we took care of all of them.  I manned the pruning shears while he worked the chain saw.  And guess what?  It sure felt good to have accomplished that task when we were done.

tree Me  Branch pile

Sometimes it’s the little rewards that are the best.  Like flowers from my boys on my morning run.


So, I am wondering, have you tested your limits recently?  What have you accomplished that you thought you could not do?


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