Taking In The Scenery

Today was a beautiful day to be outside!  We started our day off with a photo session at the lake with Jillian Nicole Photography.  https://www.facebook.com/OhSoFancy1  The boys were great and even Fezziwig wanted to get in on the action!  We have a couple of shots already.  Can’t wait to see the rest.

Boys photo

Boys photo1Of course I had to get a few candids of my own.


Lake2We were off to the beach with friends next, ostensibly to hunt for sea glass.  The boys true motive became clear once we got there.  The lure of rolling down the dunes was too much for them!  Of course there is also no better place to hold wrestling matches.  Although we left with no sea glass today (there didn’t seem to be many shells either!), we had a great time and the boys got to use their metal detectors again.

beach D crop.JPG

beach A

Beach friendsTo cap off the day Aidan was off to a good friend’s house to hang out and play Skylanders.  I have been officially notified that the boys do not go on “play dates” anymore.  They hang out with their friends.  Duly noted.  Dane and I headed to a very serious Cub Scout meeting.  All in all another fun vacation day.

Den7November 6 – Today I am grateful for late nights with friends.  Always a treat.

So, I am wondering, have you tried a local photographer instead of the mall “people”?


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