Taking Care of Business

Today was a day of dealing with issues that have been put off for one reason or another.  In the midst of “living life” there are too often things that I just can’t get to at the moment.  So the “To Do List” is always changing and being prioritized, but not often shrinking.  Today, at this moment, it has shrunk a tiny bit and it feels like a victory.  I know it won’t last very long, and it is far from empty, but I am feeling accomplished.  (The boys love this picture and it pretty much sums up how I am feeling)


One thing I finally did was go to the dentist.  I know, I know.  And I really used to go every 6 months…  Thanks to a great Facebook community I finally found a great dentist!  If you are in my area, they are called All About Smiles.  You can find them on Google and on Facebook.  The office was clean and bright, the people very friendly.  The hygienist was thorough and explained everything she was doing.  And – you will not believe this – I actually saw the dentist for more than 5 minutes!  She actually looked inside my mouth and examined my teeth!  She even gave me a cancer screening.  This office does not follow the practice I am finding everywhere else of taking x rays every 6 months so the dentist does not have to be bothered with an exam.  That many x rays of your head can not be good for you!  I’m just saying.


The problem with working on your checklist items is that it can be tedious while you are doing the work.  So after basketball practice, the boys and I turned our attention to a much anticipated event in our house.  The Lego Movie!  We have been waiting for this movie since the boys took a Lego animation class last summer and it is almost here.  We found out yesterday that the basketball league had the nerve to schedule Dane’s pictures on Friday night.  Oh no!  So now there is only one showing we can make.  Since it is sure to be sold out in our town, we turned to fandango for help.  www.fandango.com  Have you used fandango?  I started using it in law school to buy movie tickets, but have only recently started using it again.  Now we can all sleep soundly knowing we will definitely have seats to the Lego Movie on opening night!  Let’s hope it is better than The Nut Job.

lego movie

So, I am wondering, do you give your kids fluoride?


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