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I won!

Look! I won the half price entry to the Perfect 10 race!


That really made my day on Friday. Well, that and the fact that so many of us were available at the exact same time to grab a juice at Schwee Tea.

2015-02-20 15.36.29-1

My luck continued because today has been a pretty great day too. It started early with coaching Futsal – I finally got coach’s shirts in a ladies cut. ūüėČ

BlurImage(21-2-2015 9-27-28)

Then on to Dane’s basketball game (he is on an¬†another great¬†team this season – wonderful coach and undefeated with one game to go) with Aidan and my parents and we ended the day at an ice festival!

It’s almost race season! The Central Park Half Marathon is tomorrow and that officially kicked off race season for me last year.

group park1

Sadly, I have another commitment this year (which will be fun, but I will miss Central Park), so I’ll be starting a little later. But I am getting excited! Especially since I basically missed all of my fall races. Good news! I am registered for the only race I ran last fall – the Perfect 10 Miler. This race is for women only and they really spoil you. :-)

A friend recently told me that she saw me on the video for the Wildwood Half Marathon from last year. It looks like their drone ran the race with us! I finally checked it out and sure enough I am at the very end of the video, post race. This video really makes you feel like you are there again.


Now if only it would get a little warmer outside…

So, I am wondering, what races will you run this year?

Wildwood Half

I am finally posting pictures from the Wild Half!  After a long race I am usually totally spent mentally and physically and can manage only to go out to eat and then to bed.  I did mean to post these sooner though.  Better late than never!  This is me after the race Рright before I collapsed on the couch!

me after.JPG

The day started with a beautiful sunrise.


And meeting the girls before the race.

running club

wildwood sign

The run itself started ideally.  The weather was great, the course was flat and the views were distracting.

ferris wheel.JPG


And then we got to the bridges.


And the sun came out and I started to realize that I was really pushing myself.  But all is well that ends well even if there were a few tough moments.

fastest run

me medal

I finished with a PR of 1:54 and another great race with my girls.

girls after run This statement is true for many situations in life.


That’s why it’s important to have fun – even on those tough days.

subway collage

So, I am wondering,what is the next race you have planned?




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