Today I went to browse in one of my favorite places. I could literally spend hours here.

vera bradley

Vera Bradley bags just make me happy and I knew they would make it feel even more like spring. The Manor House Shops has an entire large room that overflows into the hallway that is dedicated just to Vera Bradley. The boys had a half day today so they came with me. I probably should have thought that one through a bit more. Bag shopping is not their favorite pastime – but they were good sports.


I’m pretty sure I know which one I want…. Maybe. I did get a new bag today though.

soccer shots

It is so much fun coaching the little guys at Soccer Shots. I can’t believe my guys were ever that little anymore! Since it is St. Patrick’s Day I had to wear green for them. I am so glad I did! One little girl (in a green tutu and a green leprechaun hat) called us twins for the whole class. 😉


Today was a big day for my “little” guy. Dane traded in his glasses for contacts. Do you remember the feeling when you first got contacts? His smile was priceless. I love seeing my boys so happy. Life doesn’t give us enough of those moments of pure joy.

new contacts

He was a champ learning how to wear them. And since we were at the mall, I thought I could talk the boys into a picture with the Easter Bunny. Nothing wrong with mixing holidays, right? This is as close as they would get.

easter bunny picture

Hope your day was as good as ours!