It’s been a while since I have told you about my soccer team.  I am still coaching Dane’s U9 travel team, the Hurricanes. I LOVE coaching him and we honestly have an amazing group of boys this year.


One of our players was injured today and we missed him. The rest of these boys played their hearts out. We won by 4 goals and the boys definitely deserved the win. I am amazed at the progress they have made this year. They are all wonderful kids and I love watching them mature as soccer players. I am so proud of Dane’s work in goal too.


We are having a great season with only one loss. My assistant is an old friend and a well respected coach – you might recognize him.


So that’s my update on our season!  Can you tell I am proud of these guys?

Aidan had a great day today too. One of his friends hosted a nerf war at the local fields. What a great idea! Of course the boys loved it.


So, I am wondering, did you get outside today?