Today I spent time in Aidan’s class helping the kids make Easter baskets for their party next week.  This is so special to me because now that he is in 4th grade these opportunities are few and far between.  Aidan’s teacher was smart though – she didn’t give us ALL of the details about the project.  Just that it involved balloons and would be messy.

Aidan mom

Yes, that is glue on Aidan’s hands!  And all over pretty much everything else!  What a sport Mrs. Eck’Art is!  The kids had a blast dipping material squares in glue and sticking them on their balloons.  And isn’t that what being a kid is all about?  Getting messy and having fun?  Well, part of being a kid, anyway.  When the glue dries the balloon will deflate and the kids will be left with a basket they made.  Mrs. Eck’Art promises.

balloon basket

I loved visiting with Aidan and his friends and seeing where he spends so much of his time.  I can’t say enough how lucky we are this year to have such great teachers and support staff.  The kids in Aidan’s class are a great group too.  It doesn’t always work out that way!  My boy is so sweet.  He still actually wants me to come into his class whenever I can and is sad when I leave.  I am one lucky girl!

Aidan class

We had soccer practice tonight where I gave the boys their uniforms for our first game this weekend.  We are feeling excited!  I think this is the first travel game for all of our players.  I hope it goes well!  There is a church event that some of our boys are required to attend at the same time as our game.  If everyone else makes it, we will have exactly enough players to play the game.  No subs.  Wish us luck!

soccer uniforms

This weekend is also the April Fools Half Marathon in Atlantic City.  This has been my most favorite race and I am really excited.  I hope it lives up to last year!

run and play

So, I am wondering, what are your weekend plans?