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Undefeated! Victory!

It was a crazy weekend of victories and fun for us including soccer, Scouts, a birthday party and trunk or treating.

The Red Dragons soccer team closed out their season this Saturday with a 9-1 win, officially making them an undefeated team!


We had a special spectator (who has not been able to make it to the games this season) come and bring us extra luck.  Thanks Nana!

N&D crop

I am so proud of our team…

last game

And of my guy who had so many shut outs while in goal and 6 points while on the field.

Dane Soccer 2013  M&D

Congratulations Red Dragons!

We had another Victory this weekend as well.  Aidan and the Lightning Warrior Patrol took home the Silver Platter Award at their Scouting event – Webelos Woods!  This event is an outdoor adventure where the older Cub Scout boys get to see first hand some of the skills they will learn as Boy Scouts.  The boys loved spending the day in the woods – especially with the older boys, even if it meant they had to wake up early.  This picture is before we realized Aidan had the wrong hat on.  (What?  It’s only from 2 years ago!)  I guess I am not the only one who needs coffee in the morning!

Webelos Woods amA

The boys were all so excited to see the adventures that await them.  They should be so proud of the way they presented themselves to the Boy Scouts.  They are getting so mature – truly young gentlemen.

Webelos Woods am2

They learned a lot too.  Aidan is still talking about the “lean-to” shelter he will get to build as a Boy Scout to sleep in overnight.  Hopefully that will be summer camping!

Webelos Woods pm

Cheers!  And congratulations Lightning Warrior Patrol Webelos on earning the Silver Platter Award!

Webelos Woods pm1


To finish off the weekend we went to Trunk or Treat, Round 2.  The boys were all tired, but candy called.  This one was at a local church and was a lot of fun.  The trunks were all decorated great (Bikini Bottom was our favorite), the people were so nice and there was even cotton candy, popcorn and hot chocolate!

Trunk or Treat3

The boys left happy and tired after a great weekend.

Trunk or Treat21 Trunk or Treat2

So, I am wondering, am I the only one who feels like I should donate candy to the trunk or treat events we attend?

Trunk or Treat… Take One

Tonight we went to our first Trunk or Treat event with the Cub Scouts.  Well, actually, it was our first trunk or treat ever.  They seem to be very popular this year.  Aidan dressed as a pirate, Dane was Chop Chop from the Skylanders and I was a witch.

Me & A halloween

T&T boys

Trunk or treating is essentially when a group of people park their cars in a designated area and open their trunks to trick-or-treaters.  It is usually for a set time period.  Most people tonight decorated their trunks and sat by their cars with candy.  It was a lot of fun and has some advantages over regular trick or treating.  For example, we were with a ton of very good friends of ours.  We love trick or treating with our usual crowd, but you see less friends that way.  Also, you know the people giving your children candy.  It is fun to get to see all of the kids dressed up too.  And, since it is set up by a group, you don’t have to wait for Halloween.  This is why we will be going to a few this year.  :)  The only down side is you don’t get to walk off all of the candy you eat!

Before heading to our Scout event, I made Spooky Chili for the boys and I.  Sandy gave me this recipe and it sounded like just the thing to balance out all of the candy the boys would be eating later!  Plus it is spicy – something we love.

spooky chili2 spooky chili 1

This is a vegetarian recipe.  I added more sweet potatoes than it called for because we love them.  Too bad I finished it right before we had to leave!  It was so hot I had to put ice cubes in the boys’ bowls so they could eat it.  You can find the recipe here: http://m.deliciousliving.com/recipes/spooky-chili

Today was a much anticipated day for the boys for another reason also.  Today is the day the Skylanders Swap Force came in the mail from their grandparents.  This was a birthday present that was not yet released on Dane’s birthday.  Needless to say, they loved it.

Sky box

Sky present

We have another fun, busy weekend planned.  Tomorrow we have a soccer game, the fall festival and tomorrow night a hayride.  Sunday is flu shot day for the boys (I already got mine).  Oh well.  Let’s just hope it works this year!

So, I am wondering, what are you doing this weekend?


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