Today I had a tough run.  First of all, it was Monday and I never have my best run of the week on a Monday.  Strange, right?  Is anyone else like this?  But I had to get my long run in today, so off I went for 10 miles.  Around mile 2 I could feel a side stitch starting.  I almost never get these anymore!  Sometimes if I am really pushing a 5k….  But why today?  Anyone who has had a side stitch knows that if you do nothing, they will just get worse and worse until you have to stop.  So I started doing the things that have helped me run through these in the past – deep breathing and slowing down my pace.  It helped a little so I tried to just run “my run.”  Guess what?  It came back, and I ended up running 6 of my 10 miles just trying to take my next step.  For no reason I can think of at all, it went away for my last two miles.  But I finished all 10 miles.

run collage1


When a run is tough it is good to be able to focus on the good, happy things in life.  If it is a race, thinking about the finish line and my finish time always helps me.  Today I put my mantra to good use!  I didn’t stop though, because I know that at the end of a tough run is a great feeling of accomplishment.  Today was no exception.  And, like all side stitches, once you stop running they just disappear.  Mine was replaced almost immediately by the good mood I am always in after a run.  Plus, this was the peaceful place where I finished.

surf city

Have you ever gotten a side stitch while running?  Here are some theories on why they occur and what you can do to prevent them.  Here are another four ways to stop a side stitch.  I hope this helps during your next tough run!

I had such a nice surprise in the mail today!  Someone actually wrote to me!  Even better, it was from my sweet Aidan!  The letter is a snapshot of his life at age 10.  A keepsake, definitely!

A puzzle mail

Dane had his last goalkeeper training of the season tonight.  Only one other boy made it out in this weather so it was almost a personal session!  Aaron, our trainer, is awesome.  Dane was sound asleep as soon as he got into bed.

So, I am wondering, how do you get through a tough run/workout/day?