Today was our Cub Scout Pack’s annual Turkey Shoot BB Gun event.  No, they do not shoot turkeys!  It gets it name from being held the weekend after Thanksgiving each year.  I remember when we first joined Cub Scouts – I was not a fan of the name of this event.  In fact, I just couldn’t imagine my little boys shooting at all!  Fast forward a couple of years and it is one of our favorites and I am a co-chair for the event.

It was an early, cold morning for us.  On the drive over to the range my car said it was 27 degrees!  Thank goodness we layered and there was a nice fire all day.

TS26The boys had fun being outside with their friends while they waited for their turn to shoot.

TS2          TS5

At all of our outdoor scouting events we can always look forward to awesome food.  I have no idea why, but food just tastes better when you are outside at the campground.  Kevin worked his magic for us again today with hot chocolate, coffee, pork roll egg and cheese sandwiches, hot dogs and homemade turkey soup.  Between the food and the fire, we were able to last until 4:00 in the freezing cold!

TS6The boys were excited when it was their turn to shoot.  It is very serious at the range.  The boys learn the safety aspects of shooting before they get to the fun part.

TS7Finally, the fun begins.  The boys each get to shoot 2 targets.  The top 3 scores in each division win a trophy.

TS11.JPG TS20 TS22 It was a great day.

So, I am wondering, would you allow your kids to shoot BB Guns?