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Fun In The Pool

swim race

Today is the first day I have had fun in the pool!¬† I never thought this would happen. Jeannette and I decided to swim together today, and it is a good thing. It is not easy to get motivated to get in the pool when it is less than 20 degrees outside if you don’t love swimming! But we had a great time. We managed to talk while we did laps and the time flew by. Plus Jeannette taught me some new strokes. It’s nice to have good friends. We did have to race each other once though. Well, once that we admitted to each other. ūüėČ

just keep swimming

We¬†definitely needed¬†a juice fix when we were done. If you haven’t tried the lemon zinger at Schwee Tea yet, you really should.¬†We couldn’t even manage to take a picture before we finished them.

20150107_110554 It was a day for my favorite drinks and late pictures.


I have been drinking Shakeology now for a while because I am not always good at making sure my nutrition is as good as it can be. I love the chocolate shakes and I don’t have to worry about refueling after a workout. Plus, it has 17 grams of protein per shake.


Guess what came today???


I can’t wait until I am able to try them. They even have a secret message inside.


So, I am wondering, do you like swimming?

The New Style

We have a new fashion trend going on in our house.


Aidan joined me and our sweet little girlfriend today in the boot club. Shockingly, yes, he fractured the same ankle I did. Dane has been strictly forbidden to join us. Someone has to get all of the doors! (Poor kid).

I have discovered that it is almost impossible not to secretly race the person in the lane next you while swimming. There really is nothing else to do while you are there.¬†Someone told me¬†that there are water proof headphones. I wonder if they work? Today I was chatting with Annette for a while (no, I didn’t race her!) after she finished¬†water zumba.¬†She is in the pool now because she hurt her elbow doing yoga. Not too shabby for 84!


Guess what I found on our latest Philly trip. One of my favorite wines! George DuBoeuf Beaujolais Nouveau. This wine is released every year right before Thanksgiving and celebrates the first wine of the new vintage. It reminds me of my first trip to Paris, a rainy long weekend in the middle of November. This new beaujolais was just released and it was being celebrated everywhere we went. Now I look for it every year around this time.



Can you imagine having this as a¬†Christmas tree?¬†Its so beautiful, but probably not practical with boys. ūüėČ


Hope you have a great Thanksgiving!

So, I am wondering, what is your Thanksgiving tradition?

Comfort Food and Bad News

It’s finally gotten cold here!¬† So far, we are not minding it at all. In fact, it’s kind of nice to have a chill in the air when the leaves are still pretty and the sky is still a crisp blue. Plus, nothing beats comfort food on a cold day! One of my favorites is back.


The boys and I have discovered a new favorite this fall. We call it donut bread, because that is really what it tastes like. I have to admit I selfishly almost did not share this. Local friends – don’t buy it all!


Such a great way to start a cold morning!

I did get some bad news last Friday. My stress fracture is not better!¬†I honestly don’t understand how that can be right. Except for that one little 5k, I have been following the doctor’s orders.

2014-11-16 22.56.03

It looks like I won’t be running for a while still. Thank goodness for yoga! The girls talked me into swimming recently and now I am really glad they did. Hopefully I will really like it since I am running out of options (get it? ūüėČ )


If not, I may join Fezzy and just lay around in the sun all day.


So I am wondering, what did you do to speed up recovery of an injury?

A Day In The Woods

It was a beautiful day to be in the woods doing boy things today.


Cub Scout camp gives the boys an opportunity to do some of their favorite things with their friends.  Like Gaga Ball.  I mean, who has a Gaga pit in their backyard?

gaga ball collage

Archery is always a hit (get it?  Haha, I know).

archery collage

Fishing is something we pretty much only do at camp.  The boys caught a fish or two (catch and release), a couple of turtles in the nets and a bunch of lily pads.

fishing collage

Swimming in the lake is a must at summer camp.

swimming collage

By the end of the day we had a bunch of happy, tired boys.

tired boys

So, I am wondering, did you go to summer camp as a child?

Listen to J Lo

This morning seems like it was a whole different day.  Does that ever happen to you?  Eileen and I got 5 in early this morning and I am so glad!  Then the boys and I were off for our never ending day.  It started here.

swimming lessons

This did not go at all the way we expected.  So we headed here.

D beach

A beach

The beach is just about the only place I know that can totally relax you and all you have to do is show up.¬† We ran around for a while after the beach, but we ended up here – finally our “little bit of something good.”

new friends

And here.  Fezzy gets so excited to go for a walk!  There is no way he can not make you happy.


We had to do something today I try never to do in the summer – go to ShopRite.¬† The “summer people” pretty much take it over this time of year and you can barely move while there.¬† Forget about parking!¬† But we got presents while we were there.¬† If these are for you, I know you know it!¬† While we were at ShopRite I asked the boys, “Where is all of the food we usually buy?”¬† Aidan told me “At Target, Mom!”¬† And he is right ūüėČ


Guess what?¬† I have not had any soda – diet or regular – since June 24th.¬† How is it going for you?¬† It wasn’t easy for me at first, but now I don’t even want it at all.

So, I am wondering, where do go food shopping?


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