We are home!  We had a great time visiting family, but “there is no place like home.”  Our flight back from California was the best – exactly like we expected.  If you have not flown Virgin yet, you really should.  The purple lights grow on you but the giant cushioned seats, amazing service and personal tv/video game/waitress service screens can’t be beat.  My guys are great travelers too.  So proud of them.

Virgin flight

We missed our friends and family and the beach while we were away, so we met the girls at the beach to catch up.

beach chairs

Amazingly all of our schedules lined up today.  😉  I don’t think the kids realize school is around the corner.  I think we will just enjoy these last days without mentioning it.

beach kids

Of course surf school was in full session.

surf school

The water was 74 and perfect.A water

Tonight was a special night too.  We had our first soccer practice – on the beach.  Some of my players from last season have returned and it was so great to see them again.  We have some new players also and it looks like we have a great group of boys.  I am so excited for the season!

soccer practice beach 1 soccer practice beach 2.JPG

Go Hurricanes!