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Lucky Day

St Patrick's dayHappy St. Patrick’s Day!!!  I love this holiday because it is just fun. Green bagels, St. Patty’s day races, extra luck and it means spring is just around the corner. Did I mention extra luck? Spring really is coming though. The buds are on the trees and spring allergies are here for a bit. This is the exciting site I saw today.

The swollen buds

I’ll take all of the luck I can get with my leg lately. I’m hoping these new kicks do the trick. I have never run in Adidas before, but these Adidas Glide Boost were great for me today. Can you see the difference in the sole? They are not made of traditional EVA rubber, which is known to lose it’s shock absorption capacity at very high and very low temperatures (kind of like the temperatures we have been running in lately.) Instead, “The Boost midsole does not change performance in extreme temperatures, including intense heat and biting cold. While traditional EVA is affected by the weather, a Boost midsole will have the same cushion and response regardless of the temperature outdoors.” Read more about them here.

Adidas boost

When I was trying to figure out how to keep my stress fracture from returning I came across this.


Too bad I didn’t get this memo in January! I can’t even tell you how lucky I felt to be running today.

Running pace

I’m pretty lucky overall, really. I have a great family that I love spending time with.family


And the best friends a girl really could ever ask for!


The Girls sketch

BlurImage(9-2-2015 4-2-25)-1

So it’s a good day to celebrate! Too bad I don’t have these cool shoes to run in today.

St Patrick's day sneakers

Look at these awesome friendship bracelets the girls and I are wearing lately. They are the grown up version of the ones we used to wear. I ordered them on Etsy from P.S. I Handmade It. I love pretty much all of her stuff – check it out.

friendship bracelet

Have fun being Irish today!

lucky day

March Comes In Like A Lion…

Snow in March!  Will it ever end?  It is hard to believe it is the 4th day of March and the kids have already had a day off and a delayed opening for snow.  But hopefully the old adage will be true and the month will go “Out Like A Lamb.”  Fingers crossed.  In the meantime, we are getting in a (last?) bit of snowy fun.

snow2 snow3

I am so lucky to have a partner who always helps me dig out.  Here is my dad with the snow blower.


Tomorrow I am putting my trax to use again.  I am not a fan of indoor workouts! 

This weather inspired me to knit scarves again.  Because I don’t have enough knitted scarves yet.  LOL.  Anyway, I really enjoy knitting scarves.  It is much more relaxing than a complicated pattern that you have to keep track of.  Here is my latest completed scarf.  I have had this yarn forever.  It is so soft, I just had to get it last winter.  My new favorite!


I am making another one in a different yarn I just had to get because it was so pretty.  I’ll post it when it is finished.

Look what I found at Costco!  Shamrock Ravioli!  A little pesto, or maybe a green alfredo sauce and they will be perfect.  Now I don’t have to think about what to have for dinner on 3/17 anyway.

shamrock ravioli

So, I am wondering, do you eat something “Irish” on St. Patrick’s Day?


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