The boys have been so busy lately with spring sports, Scouts and school activities!  Today Aidan and I went to Jenkinson’s Aquarium for his class trip.


We had a great time with his class and spending the day together.  It was a beautiful day to be at the beach too!

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A Class trip 002

I also got to attend the gifted and talented showcase at Aidan’s school this week to see the projects he has been working on this year.  The kids were so proud to show us their work as  engineers cleaning up an oil spill and in designing the most effective parachute.  I am so proud of him!

G&T collage

Both boys have been very busy with sports this week too.  Aidan’s baseball team has played great in two games and Dane has been practicing for his games this weekend.  Thank goodness Nana is here to help us be everywhere at the same time!

sports collage

I did manage to squeeze in some running time this week as well.  Too bad I planned a 10 mile run on the island on the windiest day of the year!  Well, it felt like it anyway.  15 – 20 mph winds are no joke!  It was worth it though.  And for the record, the wind is not always at your back when you run out and back!

Run collage

We are looking forward to a fun weekend of games and hiking.

So, I am wondering, what are you doing this weekend?