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Outside for Days


Finally! The weather has actually been nice for a few days in a row. This is the perfect time of year for running and soccer – and pretty much anything else you want to do outside.


Soccer shots park

The sky has been so amazing lately.Sky

It almost feels like you can touch the clouds.


So basically we have come inside only to eat. And to get froyo. :-)


Aidan and I had the best trip to Philly today. We chatted and caught up on what is going on with each other. It’s nice to spend quality time with your kids.


Running and soccer on the schedule for tomorrow – what a surprise!

So, I am wondering, why is the temperature already 10 degrees warmer in the city? It’s not summer yet.

Perfect 10

It was a beautiful day for a race today! The Perfect 10 Miler was the last of my fall races that I was signed up for and I just couldn’t bear to miss it. I know my leg was not fully recovered so I dropped down from the 10 mile race to the 5k. This was Melissa’s first race back after having her beautiful boy 3 months ago.


We always have so much fun running together. I realized after the race that the last 5k I ran was over a year ago (remember I took a year off of 5ks?) and Melissa and I ran that together too.

So many of my SOL Sisters ran this race too. Race day with these girls is an amazing experience. We have the best time meeting at someone’s house way before dawn, driving hours to our race and spending the morning together.


We give each other confidence before the race, chat with each other on the course and cheer everyone on as the they come through the finish line.


Today I was lucky enough to take second place in my age group and have my boys there to cheer me on. My girls stayed for the awards too. Can you tell how sunny it was?


Here is my race bling – finisher medal and place medal. :)


I think the socks Tara gave me brought me luck. And my mantra is still true. I never regret a run – even with an injury. It’s ironic because I chose to put it on my bib almost a year ago!


The food after the race was amazing again this year.


Melissa and I went to packet pick up yesterday to collect our gear. Somehow we ended up at a crew race first? Why is GPS so challenging sometimes?


But we made it there eventually.


And then home in time for our soccer game. The Hurricanes played awesome for another win. Only one more game to go this season.


I probably won’t be running again for a while after this weekend, but for me, it was totally worth it.

So, I am wondering, does your town trick or treat on Halloween or on another day?


It’s been a while since I have told you about my soccer team.  I am still coaching Dane’s U9 travel team, the Hurricanes. I LOVE coaching him and we honestly have an amazing group of boys this year.


One of our players was injured today and we missed him. The rest of these boys played their hearts out. We won by 4 goals and the boys definitely deserved the win. I am amazed at the progress they have made this year. They are all wonderful kids and I love watching them mature as soccer players. I am so proud of Dane’s work in goal too.


We are having a great season with only one loss. My assistant is an old friend and a well respected coach – you might recognize him.


So that’s my update on our season!  Can you tell I am proud of these guys?

Aidan had a great day today too. One of his friends hosted a nerf war at the local fields. What a great idea! Of course the boys loved it.


So, I am wondering, did you get outside today?

The Best Airline

We are home!  We had a great time visiting family, but “there is no place like home.”  Our flight back from California was the best – exactly like we expected.  If you have not flown Virgin yet, you really should.  The purple lights grow on you but the giant cushioned seats, amazing service and personal tv/video game/waitress service screens can’t be beat.  My guys are great travelers too.  So proud of them.

Virgin flight

We missed our friends and family and the beach while we were away, so we met the girls at the beach to catch up.

beach chairs

Amazingly all of our schedules lined up today.  😉  I don’t think the kids realize school is around the corner.  I think we will just enjoy these last days without mentioning it.

beach kids

Of course surf school was in full session.

surf school

The water was 74 and perfect.A water

Tonight was a special night too.  We had our first soccer practice – on the beach.  Some of my players from last season have returned and it was so great to see them again.  We have some new players also and it looks like we have a great group of boys.  I am so excited for the season!

soccer practice beach 1 soccer practice beach 2.JPG

Go Hurricanes!


Wow!  This was a crazy, fun, bittersweet weekend for us filled with friends, family and happenings.  Never a dull moment!  Here are my two resilient sweeties.

me and boys

We started the weekend off by saying goodbye to the teams that have been such a big part of our life for the past couple of months.  Aidan had another great season with Coach Brett and Coach Jeff.  Thanks guys!

baseball collage

Our last soccer game was so much fun!  We started off with team pictures (I will probably post them again when I get the “good” ones!).


It was kind of nice that we won – it just adds to the excitement.  I am so happy I am able to share these special times with Dane.  I was lucky to have a great assistant coach too.  Scott (and Corinne) I will miss you guys so much next year!

soccer collage

I think the boys had an exciting last game and fun receiving their medals afterwards.

soccer fun collage

Look what I got!  The local artist who made this incorporates sand from the island in her glass beads.  Two things that I love – coaching and the beach.  I love it!  The C Glass Studio.


Saturday was also Founder’s Day in our town and there are parades and fireworks and festivities.  We had a bit of excitement ourselves and got to spend the day with my parents and my nephew.  Pizza is always a good idea in my family.


Then we headed out to the fireworks.  It was kind of a last minute decision, so we just grabbed what we needed and went.  I was pretty happy that I still had about 100 glow sticks in my garage waiting to be used!  Every time I see these in the dollar section I buy them.  Lol.  Some were seriously old and not quite as bright as others, but the kids were still happy!

fireworks collage

Sunday was another fun family day.  Happy Father’s Day!  Here are me and my dad – one of the best men you will ever be lucky enough to meet.  He means so much to us and we always have fun being with him.  I have fun with him whether we are coaching a team together or shoveling snow together!  Thanks for being such a great dad and Popop!

me and Carl

And here is my brother, another great dad, with one of his little guys.

John & M

We were also celebrating birthdays.  We have a lot of June birthdays in our family!

birthday collage

The kids had fun playing together as usual – even the big kids.

cousins collage

fun in the yard

I hope your Father’s Day and weekend were great too!

me and boys dday

So, I am wondering,do you like ice cream cake or regular cake better?

Never Regret…

Today I did the one thing that I am excited to do each and every time – I went running.  It doesn’t matter whether I am in a bad mood, tired, unmotivated, the weather is terrible or I have a million other “important” things waiting for me when I am done.  I NEVER REGRET A RUN.  So today, on National Runner’s Day, I made time to run with some of my girls on the trail.

run selfie 1

And guess what?  It did what a run always does for me.  It made me happy.  Running makes me happy when I am with my friends and when I am running by myself.  Some days it is tougher than others to get started, but it is always great once I get there.  Even when it isn’t.  So my advice is – whether it is running or something else – find your passion, your inspiration, your center.  The thing that grounds you and makes you a better you.

run collage

Another thing I never regret is being involved in my boys’ lives.  We are so lucky to be able to influence our kids’ perspective and growth.  I finally have some soccer pictures to share!  Here is Dane at goalkeeper training.

soccer keep

soccer keeper1

We had Cub Scouts tonight and we taught the boys marbles games.  I never realized how fun these games are!  Good, old fashioned fun – no electronics.

scouts marbles2 scouts marbles

It was a good day.  I hope yours was too.

D scouts

So, I am wondering, what do you never regret doing?

Red Bulls Game

This weekend we headed up to Newark to watch a Red Bulls soccer game.  We love live sporting events and go as often as we can.  Since we are in the middle of soccer season, we were really excited to see this game.

Red Bulls stadium

The stadium is pretty new and we had great seats to see all of the action.  It is amazing to watch professionals play, especially after coaching 8 year olds for a while!  They really make it look effortless.

Red Bulls collage

RB score

Of course the boys had to have hot dogs for the third dinner of the night.

RB me and boys1

And they talked their dad into giant hand souvenirs.  Really, what are we ever going to do with these again?  If you have boys, you know what Aidan is doing with his in this picture.  He thought it was hilarious!

Red Bulls hands2

The boys are now officially Red Bulls fans, even though they lost to Portland 2-1.

red bulls sign

It was getting late when the game was over, but the boys were holding up amazingly well.

red bulls hands

Since we were in my old law school neighborhoods, I talked everyone into going to Hoboken for giant slices of pizza.  7 Stars Pizza always had the biggest slices and is open practically all night.  Perfect!  A boy after my own heart.

7 star pizza

Sometimes the places that are not much to look at have the best food.

7 Star

We had a great time at the game and I had a nice little visit down memory lane.

So, I am wondering, what was the last game you went to?

Catch Up

Life got crazier this week!  Yikes!  So it is one of those times where I am just going to do my best to keep up.  I will post a race recap soon though.  Here are the boys and I after I got home.  They had a fabulous time at the boardwalk with Nana and Popop while I was away and apparently won every prize there.

post race

But here is a bit of catch up on what we have been up to:

Sunday after the race we met a bunch of friends to take the boys bowling (yes, they are all boys!).  The boys had fun and I was immensely grateful when I realized we were ordering pizza there for dinner!  There was pretty much no way I was cooking on Sunday.


Bowling D

Monday was sports day – soccer and baseball.  😉


Today Dane had his class trip to the lighthouse.  One of the benefits of where we live is that the kids get to take class trips to the beach.  This is one of the best.  They have a scavenger hunt and climb the lighthouse and picnic.  The weather was perfect.  I am sad I had to miss this one.  Thanks for the great pics Sandy!

D lighthouse trip1

lighthouse collage

At least I got to have this awesome salad for lunch.  This might be worth the drive into Philadelphia itself!


A little reminder.


And a little inspiration, courtesy of Deirdre.  Couldn’t come at a better time.  Thanks Deirdre!

be strong

So, I am wondering, what do you do to get through life’s busy times?

Undefeated! Victory!

It was a crazy weekend of victories and fun for us including soccer, Scouts, a birthday party and trunk or treating.

The Red Dragons soccer team closed out their season this Saturday with a 9-1 win, officially making them an undefeated team!


We had a special spectator (who has not been able to make it to the games this season) come and bring us extra luck.  Thanks Nana!

N&D crop

I am so proud of our team…

last game

And of my guy who had so many shut outs while in goal and 6 points while on the field.

Dane Soccer 2013  M&D

Congratulations Red Dragons!

We had another Victory this weekend as well.  Aidan and the Lightning Warrior Patrol took home the Silver Platter Award at their Scouting event – Webelos Woods!  This event is an outdoor adventure where the older Cub Scout boys get to see first hand some of the skills they will learn as Boy Scouts.  The boys loved spending the day in the woods – especially with the older boys, even if it meant they had to wake up early.  This picture is before we realized Aidan had the wrong hat on.  (What?  It’s only from 2 years ago!)  I guess I am not the only one who needs coffee in the morning!

Webelos Woods amA

The boys were all so excited to see the adventures that await them.  They should be so proud of the way they presented themselves to the Boy Scouts.  They are getting so mature – truly young gentlemen.

Webelos Woods am2

They learned a lot too.  Aidan is still talking about the “lean-to” shelter he will get to build as a Boy Scout to sleep in overnight.  Hopefully that will be summer camping!

Webelos Woods pm

Cheers!  And congratulations Lightning Warrior Patrol Webelos on earning the Silver Platter Award!

Webelos Woods pm1


To finish off the weekend we went to Trunk or Treat, Round 2.  The boys were all tired, but candy called.  This one was at a local church and was a lot of fun.  The trunks were all decorated great (Bikini Bottom was our favorite), the people were so nice and there was even cotton candy, popcorn and hot chocolate!

Trunk or Treat3

The boys left happy and tired after a great weekend.

Trunk or Treat21 Trunk or Treat2

So, I am wondering, am I the only one who feels like I should donate candy to the trunk or treat events we attend?

Visions of Last Time Flash Inside My Mind…

I know you’re looking at that cave and you’re feeling kind of brave…Don’t Mine At Night.  Minecraft lyrics keep running through my mind today.  It might have something to do with the million times we listened to that song in preparation for our Minecraft camping trip with Scouts.  I have a feeling Minecraft will be very unpopular with me by the time we are done camping.

Today was a beautiful day for a pirate ride with the Jersey Shore Pirates.  www.jerseyshorepirates.com  My nephew had his birthday party there today and you really could not ask for a better party.  The kids loved it.



Admiral Aidan, Daring Dane and the rest of the young pirates successfully found the treasure, defeated Pirate Pete and celebrated with grog, pizza and cake.


Before we headed off to pirate adventures, our soccer team had another great win – 3 and 0 so far!  My little goalie successfully defended his first penalty kick today.  It was his first experience one on one with a direct kick, and as his mom/coach I was a little nervous.  It was a good kick, but he caught it!  This is the face of a proud kid!  It was an exciting and happy moment for us.


While we were at the game my other guy was making pumpkin cake with Nana.  I wish you could have smelled the house when we walked in!  Heaven!  Needless to say we got forks and dove right in.  My family has an affinity for pumpkin.  Pumpkin muffins, pancakes, pie, soup, we love them all.  The cake was delicious!  Mmm : )


Tomorrow is another busy day…  I can’t believe I have another race and I didn’t get to write about last week’s half marathon yet!  The pictures are in and I will eventually share them.  Tomorrow I am off to Run the Vineyards.  Wish me luck!

So, I am wondering, what is the best kids birthday party you have taken your child to?  What made it so good?


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