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Happy Fall!

Today was the first day of fall and we had the perfect weather for it. I had grand ideas of all of the delicious things I was going to cook and bake today. Oatmeal cookies (why do oatmeal cookies seem more seasonal to me than chocolate chip?), sauce and soup. Pulled pork in the crock pot. It seems like not that long ago when I actually had time to do all of those things in a day! Not today though. I did get in a run. Surprise, surprise. Running in the fall is the best.


Our giant cat Ken thinks he rules the house, including the dog. He will let you know all about it too. That’s why these things are so funny. Can someone tell this cat he does not fit in that box?


It was a great night for soccer practice too. Crisp air just seems to go with fall sports. I had a lot of fun at practice tonight. I hope the boys did too.


So, I am wondering, what “says” fall to you?

What is your favorite fall food?  Mine is pumpkin ice cream.  Pumpkin anything, really.

The Weekend In Pictures

Early morning soccer practice is a great way to start the weekend.

soccer practice

Hiking with friends.  Lu-Ann, next time let’s go when it’s not 92 degrees outside!

hike collage

Birthday parties are still a big deal. :)

C Birthday party

Followed by a quick baseball pick up game.


My guy is getting so big!


First homework project.


So glad to be running with my girls again.


Fingers crossed for a relaxing week!  Lol.

A Few of My Favorite Things

It was a day of good stuff here!  We finally had soccer practice outside and the boys loved it!  They should all sleep very well tonight. 


I took my new kicks out for a test drive and they were perfect!  Success. 


 I registered for a fall race with the girls. I had a great time at this race last year and I’m sure we will again this year. All female, 10 miles.  


The April Fools jokes went well and I had lunch with my mom at my favorite place. I hope your day went as well!

Weekend Fun

Can you believe March is almost over and we might have more snow?  Dane brought this poem home from school and it makes me feel not quite so mad at the weather.  I know I am definitely ready for April and May.  I will even try not to complain about the rain this year. 

March poem

It was another busy, fun weekend at our house.  Well, mostly not at our house.  I kicked off the weekend with a long run with a couple of great gals.  Jen and Dawn – what are you doing this Friday?

13 again

Then Friday night we had a Cub Scout Pack Meeting featuring the Lizard guy.  He was really good with the kids!  They had a great time.

reptile show

Before the meeting the boys’ Pinewood Derby cars had to get some training in.  I bet you haven’t used your treadmill for this!  (Or maybe you have…)  The Ninja Mobile and the Black Hole had a big day on Saturday.

PWD cars

The District Pinewood Derby was Saturday morning after baseball practice.  This is the second round and a fun day.  The Lacey Township Pack did a great job of hosting the event – much better than other district events we have been to.  We are still biased.  Our Pack spoils us. 

Boys PWD collage

The boys cars performed well, but did not win.  Maybe next year… 

PWD district 014

The cars go quite fast and are so much fun to watch.  If the track is good, they reach speeds of just under 220 mph!

PWD district 027

PWD district 046

The boys’ cars have finally retired to their rightful place on their trophy shelves.  I wonder what designs they will choose next year.

PWD district 030

Today was a backyard day for the boys, followed by dinner at Nana’s and Popop’s.  A nice, relaxing finish to the weekend. 

A baseball collage Dane soccer collage

So, I am wondering, when do you plant your spring flowers?


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