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Camping and Soccer and Sun

We had such an amazing weekend! It was sunny and warm – the perfect weekend for camping and soccer. You really never know what the weather will do for our annual spring camping trip with the Cub Scouts, so we were very happy with this.

Aidan fishing

The boys love fishing here and I am so glad it is part of the trip. I really don’t see me taking them otherwise!


We didn’t catch anything, but it was so nice to sit in the sun and watch the water.

Dane fishing

We were especially glad to relax for a bit because the boys had just finished Gaga ball. This is still the camp favorite. Aidan won a round.

Gaga ball winner

And Dane was the Gaga ball champion that morning.

Gaga ball champion

Bb gun target shooting is my favorite! (Well, maybe it’s tied with sitting by the fire.)

Target shooting

The boys are pretty good shots too.

Bb gun

Camp Citta is really a beautiful place. I love the flags at the range.


And the swimming area.

camp citta swim

And the lake.

Camp citta fishing

The boys love just about everything about being here. Finding really big sticks is very important, by the way.

Old friends

You can get as dirty as you want, and whittle sticks in the dirt with pocket knives.


It’s basically a boy’s dream come true. I’m so glad we found the Cub Scouts so long ago! Every night ends with hot chocolate, dessert (everything tastes amazing at camp!) and a fire. :-)


Of course we can’t forget soccer Sunday! My U9 Hurricanes played so well and won their game 5-1. The best thing about this game is that all of the boys had a great game and they are remembering how to come together as a team. I’m so proud of them. I can always count on my Dane in goal and Aidan is our scorekeeper and time keeper now. They are the best. I am very lucky. Here we are after the game with our good friend Lukas who camped with us too.

Hurricanes win

Tomorrow is Boston Marathon day! One of my SOL Sisters is running it and I am so excited for her. You’re going to do awesome Jen! :-)

Soccer and Birthday Fun – Take One

We finally had our first soccer game this weekend!  It was such an exciting game. Our team is full of talented boys and it was fun to finally see what they can do against another team. We ended up losing by one point, but it was a nail biter at the end!  We almost tied it up just as the final whistle was blown.  Next game…


Dane’s birthday is coming up and we started celebrating a tiny bit early this weekend.


Look at this cool warrior he got. It is made from recycled metal.


Dane’s actual birthday is during our fall camping trip with the Scouts. Can you imagine having a birthday sleepover with 50 friends in the woods!  What more could a kid want? Our Scout camping trips usually have a theme and this year it is “Shark Week.” Here is the birthday shirt I am making for Dane and his friends.


Camping with the Scouts is no joke so we will be busy this week getting ready for that. Our boys started today by making their version of nut-free trail mix.  It looks kind of gross to me now, but it is crazy how much better food tastes in the woods. I don’t understand why, but everything is delicious when we are camping. We do have great cooks, but I still usually would not eat mac and cheese.  Can anyone explain this to me?


So, I am wondering, have you ever gone camping?  Did you love it?  Hate it? Why?

My Guys

There is nothing like spending a beautiful spring day outside with the people most important to you.  Today was game day for us and the weather was perfect.  It was a good thing too, because Nana, Popop, the boys and I spent a full day at the fields.  We started with our first home soccer game of the season.  Our team played so well!  It is wonderful to see the concepts you are teaching at practice come to fruition on the field on game day.  The boys are really getting it.  Of course I didn’t get any pictures while coaching, but here are Dane and I after the game.


Then we were off to Aidan’s baseball game.  Aidan has a team full of great boys.  Most of them played together for the same coach last year and the friendships are obvious.  These boys are great baseball players (last year they took second place in the league), but they are also great people.  They are actually kind and respectful of each other and of their opponents.  I am sure this has a lot to do with their coaches as well.  We are very lucky!  Thanks Coach Brett and Coach Jeff!  Here is Aidan on first base.


And here we are after his team won the game.


I hope your weekend is off to a good start!

So, I am wondering,are you happy with your child’s team?


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