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Just Go With It

Today looked absolutely nothing like we planned, and that’s ok. It ended up being a great day anyway.

BlurImage(6-3-2015 3-21-8)

Today was supposed to be school, a long run, soccer practice with my team and camping at the Philadelphia Zoo. And all of them were cancelled for snow! Well running wasn’t cancelled, but the boys were home. We decided to just go with it.


So after rescheduling the zoo trip, we went out to have some fun with friends in the snow.


This is a great crew! They scout together, play sports together, are in the same classes, and always have fun together.


Since this is our last snow (according to me, anyway!) we had to get some good snowboarding and sledding in.


Photo bombing is one of these guys’ favorites.  The only way to get a real picture of them anymore is to promise a photo bomb at the end. Lol.


I did manage to squeeze a quick run in at the end of the day.


I’m looking forward to seeing these guys again soon.

Greetings From The North Pole

IMG_20150305_170328Another snow day! Is this still fun? There is that whole guilt free sleep-in, you do not have to get dressed all day thing. It’s hard to argue with that. And my friends convinced me that I am practically required to make cookies on a snow day. It is a good excuse.


It’s probably safe to say we are all ready to declare this our last snowstorm of the season. Just to balance out all of the cookies we will be eating today, I roasted some veggies too. Having the oven on all day is perfectly fine while it is snowing out.


I am so glad I got six miles in yesterday when it was warm! Do you think this will all melt by tomorrow? 😉 So you know by now that I take a ton of pictures while I am running. I also change my music, text and sometimes talk on the phone (I know you guys love those conversations!). It’s all too much for the poor wires on my headphones and they are constantly breaking. This last time I went for a lower model Bluetooth pair. I love them! Sort of… I love not having a wire attached to my phone. But these headphones are so big! Without a headband they don’t even stay in my ears. Runner friends – let me know what Bluetooth headphones you love. I need help.


Here is some random silliness from our Philly trip yesterday. I guess my kids are taking after me with the whole picture taking thing. In all fairness, I got it from my mom. Right, mom? I can’t even tell you about the drive yesterday. Apparently a prediction of snow is all it takes for the roads to get really crazy.


Dane needed a perspective picture of Fezziwig for school. He doesn’t realize he is tiny.


Don’t you love this? I’ll tell you more about it later. Namaste – the light in me sees the light in you. It’s a great thing to practice seeing the good in others.


Guess What I have Been Doing

This is really going to shock you, I know. I guess I am still pretty excited about it.


I have been running every chance I get. I realized last week that as long as I don’t run hills, my leg is fine. (No, really! Many of you know how much I used to hate hills and avoid them at all costs, but I got over that. My leg is just not ready for them yet.) So I am trying to talk the girls into going out as much as we can. I talked them into signing up for my favorite race so now they have to train with me!  Yay!!! 😉  April Fool’s Half, here we come. We are going to have the best time.


But if they can’t make it, I am learning to love running by myself again. It’s not as much fun as being with friends, but you get something totally different out of it. After running by myself my head is totally clear.


Running in the snow is so beautiful. Today was not runnable on the trail without Trax though. I’m so glad I got them last winter!


I just went through my spring race calendar and I am getting really excited. :-)


Aidan made a ping pong ball launcher in Scouts. Thanks, Mr. Gatto!  Actually he loves it. He would like to bring it to his next Nerf War, but we decided that wouldn’t be fair.


We finally had a real snow day. Not nearly as much as we were expecting, but enough to cancel school. Good enough!


The girls and I snuck some girl time in too. Always a blast. Sushi and RumChata and lots of laughs.

So, I am wondering, do you like to talk while you run, or just listen?

March Comes In Like A Lion…

Snow in March!  Will it ever end?  It is hard to believe it is the 4th day of March and the kids have already had a day off and a delayed opening for snow.  But hopefully the old adage will be true and the month will go “Out Like A Lamb.”  Fingers crossed.  In the meantime, we are getting in a (last?) bit of snowy fun.

snow2 snow3

I am so lucky to have a partner who always helps me dig out.  Here is my dad with the snow blower.


Tomorrow I am putting my trax to use again.  I am not a fan of indoor workouts! 

This weather inspired me to knit scarves again.  Because I don’t have enough knitted scarves yet.  LOL.  Anyway, I really enjoy knitting scarves.  It is much more relaxing than a complicated pattern that you have to keep track of.  Here is my latest completed scarf.  I have had this yarn forever.  It is so soft, I just had to get it last winter.  My new favorite!


I am making another one in a different yarn I just had to get because it was so pretty.  I’ll post it when it is finished.

Look what I found at Costco!  Shamrock Ravioli!  A little pesto, or maybe a green alfredo sauce and they will be perfect.  Now I don’t have to think about what to have for dinner on 3/17 anyway.

shamrock ravioli

So, I am wondering, do you eat something “Irish” on St. Patrick’s Day?

Cozy Winter Nights

It’s snowing!  A lot, actually.  The kids are thrilled that they will be going sledding with their friends and new sleds tomorrow.  I am sure we will have at least one new snowman friend for poor Fezziwig to bark at as well.  Winter is not Fezziwig’s favorite.  I am sure his 5 pound Chihuahua friends all agree.


This is the view of our backyard right now.  It is supposed to continue at this rate all night – I think the weather man may have gotten this one right!

snow! 007

I don’t mind winter anymore.  Nights like this are a perfect opportunity to get cozy and relax by the fireplace.  Tomorrow we will have a day free of obligations and full of winter fun.  We can stay in our pajamas all day if we want!  We won’t of course, because we will be playing in the snow.  I now view shoveling the driveway as a cross training activity, so I don’t mind so much.  And running in the snow is so beautiful and peaceful.  I hope you have a fun and safe day tomorrow in the snow!

Today I officially got back into my running schedule.  A nice 4 mile run close to home to start getting ready for the Central Park half.  It felt great to run after a holiday break and, of course, the rest of the day was better because I ran.  Eileen and I are going to try following an actual training program for this half.  Hopefully we won’t have too many weather interruptions!

So, I am wondering, why doesn’t everyone park their car in the garage?

Let It Snow

Today we had a true snow day.  It was forecasted, but where we live you believe it when you see it.  So when we realized it was actually snowing – the kind of snow that accumulates – everyone got excited.  The realization that we only had one pair of snow pants that fit only slowed us down for a minute.  We ran to Target where we saw a bunch of friends, grabbed another pair of snow pants (and milk of course) and came home to play outside.

snow boys

The snow makes everything look beautiful and festive.  Colors pop and everything looks crisp and clean.

snow welcome1

snow wreath

The boys had so much fun having snowball fights.  Not a single complaint about being cold, or anything else for that matter!

1December Cannon 012

1December Cannon 017

Of course we had to build a snowman!  We always build a snowman.  Dane decided to name him Frosty.

1December Cannon 027

snow frosty2

Finally it was time to go back inside, dry off and have hot chocolate.  It was a very fun snow day.

Here is a recipe for Eggnog Pancakes I wanted to share.  We love breakfast food for dinner and these are great for cold winter nights.  They are so fast to make and everybody loves them!  I hope you do too.

egg nog pancakes

Eggnog Pancakes

  • 1 cup flour
  • 1/4 cup sugar
  • 1 tsp baking powder
  • dash of salt
  • cinnamon (to taste)
  • nutmeg (to taste)
  • 1 tsp vanilla extract
  • 3/4 cup eggnog
  • 1/4 cup milk
  • 2 tbsp. oil

Mix all ingredients until smooth.  Cook on a griddle until bubbles form, then flip to brown the other side.  If you have more than 3 people you might want to double the recipe.  We love maple syrup on them.

So, I am wondering, will it snow again on Tuesday?  Will the kids end up with a snow day this week?


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