Tomorrow is our last soccer game for the season.  The kids will get participation medals from the recreation department, which they love.  As coaches though, my dad and I like to give our players something more personal.  Something that relates to their individual growth over the course of the season.  So we give them standout certificates.  Unfortunately, there are not that many great templates available.  This year, we decided to make one.  It looks like this:

cert1redactTo make the awards fun, we make them out of shrinky dinks and attach a clip so the kids can hang them on their bag – or wherever they want.  Once shrunk the certificate looks like this:

cert5redactIf the player scored any goals, we include a soccer ball on the certificate with the number of goals scored during the season.  Last season we included the number on the printed certificate.  Oops!  We forgot about the last game!  This year we will write the final tally on their certificate with a sharpie after the game.  The defensive player certificates look like this:


We have 12 players on our team this season and they all have individual strengths.

certall4redactFinally, we add the clips on the certificates.


I hope the kids like them!  Do you want to make certificates for your team?  You can use our template, which I created using Microsoft Word.  Soccer Certificate Blank w soccer ball.  If you want to make shrinky dink certificates, print them on ink jet shrinky dink paper once you complete the personalized information.

shrinkey dinksI found these at Michaels Craft Store, but you can also order them online.  Once printed, just follow the baking instructions on the package.  If you want to hang them, make sure to cut the hole (bigger than you think!) before you bake them.  It will not work afterwards.

I hope you have fun making your sports certificates!

So, I am wondering, what kind of award is your child’s favorite?