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Races and Friends

The end of summer is time to gear up for fall races.  I love fall races – the weather gets cooler and there are so many great races to choose from.  Thankfully I have kept my mileage up because I can’t fully commit to a training schedule until the kids are back in school.  For now I have to be happy with 8s and 10s and an occasional 13 or 14.


Here is my race schedule so far…  I have to admit I am thinking of adding one 5k in there.  Just one.  Melissa – come run it with me.  I guess it has been long enough that I have forgotten how painful they are!

Summer fun continues.  Beautiful beach days that will unfortunately stop suddenly.

beach me

Dinner with friends.  This restaurant has $1.00 kids meals sometimes, but you have to order off of the kids menu.  Our boys just might have outgrown this.  They each had two kids meals!  😉

calloways dinner.JPG

Dinner was followed by the biggest ice cream cones you have ever seen.


Dane and I took advantage of some down time by playing ping pong.  He is being picture shy lately though.

ping pong.JPG

So, I am wondering, how far in advance do you sign up for races?

Sleeping Late

Yesterday the boys and I got the best St. Patrick’s Day present – snow!  Yes, we are a bit tired of snow at this point.  Well, I am anyway.  And we really can’t wait for warmer weather and spending more time outside.  But this snow was a gift. 


We have been so busy lately that we can’t seem to find time to catch our breath.  This 5+ inches cancelled all of our plans for the day, so we slept in and then spent most of the day lounging around!  It was great.  We did manage to make it outside to play (for me “play” translates to “shovel”) in what hopefully is our last snow for the season.  Then we went to my parent’s house for St. Pat’s dinner.  A great day! 

More pictures of our race on Sunday are coming in.  I love this one of Dane.  It is such a classic moment – when their iPod batteries die and the world momentarily comes to an end.  Oh, to be a child again.

Dane & mom

Here is one of Jen and I – running partners.  :)

me & Jen

And here I am getting my medal from my friend Danielle, with Aidan in the background.  Thanks for taking pictures, Aidan!


Can’t wait for next year…

Today we had to check something out at the boy’s pediatrician.  It should have been a quick visit.  Instead we waited more than an hour past our appointment time to see a doctor!  Even then, we did not see the doctor we had an appointment with.  The office manager sent a PA in because I asked for a refund and we were leaving.  It is not the first time we have had this experience at our pediatrician’s office and I sometimes have quite a wait at my doctor’s office as well.  Is it just standard practice now to overbook appointments?  Is it really that hard to properly schedule office visits?  I don’t get it.  But it might just be time to look for a new doctor.

So, I am wondering, how long do you usually wait in your child’s doctor’s office before seeing the doctor?

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day a day early!  Today was my running club’s 5k / 10k race Shamrocks for Sandy.  What a fun morning!

me & boys


We were there bright and early.  Well, dark and early actually. 

Mom me & boys

My parents brought the boys and stayed for the entire race.  Thanks guys!

Shamrocks 4 Sandy 010

mom & boys

Holly and I had to get our pictures early at this race – she had a job to do later.

me & Holly

The one mile kids run is a leprechaun chase.  Guess who was the leprechaun?  I began to fear for her safety when the boys mentioned the kids were going to try to see who could “tag” her first!  She is a brave girl!  Doesn’t she look cute as the leprechaun?

Shamrocks 4 Sandy 006

Cindy had a crazy costume too.  Fittingly, she was a shamrock this year.

Shamrocks 4 Sandy 007

One quick picture of the boys before the kids’ race.

Shamrocks 4 Sandy 008

And one of my SOL sisters.

balloon arch pre race

The boys were very excited about their race!  In fact, I tried to catch them to run with them and it took me half a mile.  LOL

kids start1

They were even more excited to get their medals at the finish line. 

Dane medal me & boys medals

Here are the medals.

Shamrocks 4 Sandy 012 Shamrocks 4 Sandy 013

It was such a nice day to run.  The weather actually cooperated for once!  Here is Eileen running.


I ran the 10k today.  Guess what?  I got 3rd place in my age group!  Yay!  My official time was 53 minutes 43 second for 6.2 miles.  That is an 8:40 pace.  Not bad for me!

me medal

 This one is mine. :)


Eileen and I ran the second lap together and we both ended up with 3rd place in our age group.  Thanks for the run Eileen!

Shamrocks 4 Sandy 021

And here are my girls after the race.  Lots of medals!

Balloon Arch post race

I wasn’t sure whether I was going to enjoy a relaxing run today or go for the medal.  I am glad I pushed myself.  I thought of my boys as I was running the last windy, uphill (sort of) road and pushed myself.  So glad I did.  Thanks to my friends who pushed me today too.  I needed that.


So, I am wondering, how do you celebrate St. Patrick’s Day?


Excited For Tomorrow

The boys and I are so excited for the race tomorrow!  We wore our race shirts around town today.  This is us at registration.

S4S registration

The final details have all been worked out and tomorrow should be awesome!  It will be an early morning for us – we are setting up at 6:30 – but it will be fun because we will be with our friends.  I think all of us will remember a friend we lost over the summer and miss very much.  We are still searching for answers about Carol Reiff’s homicide.  But she will run with us tomorrow in our hearts.

Dawn Carol Tara

The weather was great today for baseball… or so we thought!  The fields just happen to be in one of those locations that are always more windy and colder than everywhere else!  But it was still fun.

S4S Pre Race 012

After practice we were off to Schwee Tea for lunch and Shamrock Smoothies!  SO yummy and only available for a limited time.  Until Monday, actually.  The boys don’t know that it is a true green smoothie.  They might still love it, but I’m not taking a chance.  Aidan needed food at this point!  Practice wore him out!

Schwee Tea

I hope to see you at the race tomorrow!

The Medals Are In!

The medals for our Shamrocks for Sandy 5k/ 10k race are in and they are awesome!  Especially the medals for our overall top finishers.  Since we are a beach community and the race was started to help locals affected by hurricane Sandy, my friend Sandy had the idea last year to have a local glass artist make our overall medals.  They are amazing.  This year’s version is a little different than last year’s (last year’s version had a 3 leaf clover and the writing was different), but it still has sand from our beach in the leaves of the “shamrock.”  Here it is.

S4S Medals 017

I wish I could win one of these!  Alas, it’s not in my future.  Maybe if Tara wins again, she’ll loan me one 😉 

The medals for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place in each age group (men and women) are pretty great too. 

S4S Medals 012 S4S Medals 013

There will be a few lucky people this Sunday!  The Apgars (Sandy’s family) have generously donated all of the medals for the race again this year.  They even got medals for all of the kids doing the 1 Mile Leprechaun Chase!  I know this means a lot to the kids and hopefully inspires them to run when they get older.  Here they are:

S4S Medals 015 S4S Medals 022

It is sure to be a fun day!  My boys are already in the spirit.

S4S Medals 001 Dane

Tomorrow night my book club is coming over and I wanted to make something different for them.  We have a lot of food at our meetings, actually!  But I am trying to increase my protein, so I thought these would be a good way to keep up with that and still have dessert.  They really taste like a candy bar! 

candy bar bites

So, I am wondering, are you more likely to sign up for a race if there is a medal? 

Shamrocks for Sandy is Almost Here!

I can’t believe it is the week before St. Patrick’s Day already!  Each year on the weekend before St. Patrick’s Day my running club hosts a 5k / 10k race called Shamrocks for Sandy.  http://shamrocksforsandy.com/home.html  This is the boys and I at last year’s race.

s4s 3

This race was started last year after Hurricane Sandy devastated our beaches and destroyed many of our friends’ homes.  The proceeds from this race go towards repairing the beaches and waters through a local organization called the Alliance For A Living Ocean http://www.livingocean.org/ and also towards helping local families who were impacted by the storm or are otherwise in need through an organization called S.T.A.R.T.  https://www.facebook.com/staffordteachersandresidentstogether 

s4s ad

This is such a fun way to kick off St. Patrick’s Day and do something good for our community.  We start with a 1 mile kids fun run.  The kids love to be a part of the race and they love medals as much as we do!  Here are the kids waiting for the starting gun last year.

kids run

s4s kids

After the kids are done (and eating all of the post race goodies!), we start the 5k and 10k.  Here is a picture of the overall medals from last year.  They are made by a local glass artist and so beautiful!  This year’s overall medals just might be similar…. 

s4s medal

Unfortunately, I won’t be getting one!  But I will have a great time, just like last year.  Last year I ran the 5k, but this year I am running the 10k.  Anyway, here we were having fun last year.s4s run s4s kids 1 s4s girls

Come and join us if you can.  You can sign up here:   https://runsignup.com/Race/NJ/Manahawkin/ShamrocksforSandy5k10kand1MileKidsRun  If you have already signed up, you will get this shirt plus a bag full of goodies.

s4s sponsor shirt

If you still plan to sign up, you can purchase this shirt at registration or on race day.

S4S white shirt

Hope to see you there! 

So, I am wondering, do you enjoy running 5ks?


Time To Shine

Some kids are great athletes, some are social butterflies, some can probably build their own video games.  My kids are great students.  If you ask me, they are great people too.  ; )  So when report card and parent teacher time comes around, it is their time to shine.


Today I met with Aidan’s teachers and I could not be more proud of him!  He works very hard and has his share of challenges in life.  It is so wonderful to know that in this area he exceeds even traditional standards.  It was a happy day full of congratulations.  Tomorrow I will meet with Dane’s teachers and I am sure I will hear equally good news.

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and the boys compliment door is filling up.  It is a fun activity for me and they love finding their new hearts each morning.


Another event coming up soon is my running club’s St. Patrick’s Day race, “Shamrocks for Sandy.”  I have been working on the shirts that race participants will receive and the girls and I are pretty happy with them.  If you want one, sign up for the race here: https://runsignup.com/Race/NJ/Manahawkin/ShamrocksforSandy5k10kand1MileKidsRun.  Both 5k and 10k participants will receive a shirt.


So, I am wondering, is school going to be cancelled again for snow on Thursday?


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