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Morning People


I need that cup! Or Stephanie, I needed to borrow your coffee cup this morning. It was definitely a two large cups of coffee day! (It’s fair to call it two large cups and not three cups because my Keurig only makes tiny portions!) Are you a morning person? As you may have guessed, I am not. I don’t “wake up” until at least 10am, unless I am running. In all fairness though I can stay up all night with no problem. It seems like there are morning people and night people. You never really hear anyone say they are an afternoon person! What are you? I would love to know if there are any midday people!


Did you watch the Super Bowl last night?  Such an exciting game! The commercials really got me this year. So many took on tough issues and made you think about things. This one was my favorite.

#runlikeagirl. Sometimes we just accept things without thinking. This ad really made you think about what we are mindlessly doing to young women. I don’t think most of us would actually say these things if we thought about the impact it was having. Women have come a long way in our society, but I really believe this ad is just the tip of the iceberg. The truth is that women are not given the credit they often deserve. Too often they are marginalized and told by the media and popular culture that their value is directly related to how they look rather than what they can do. I hope ads like this one and the Dove Real Beauty campaign from a few years ago keep coming!

Bib -run like a girl

This weekend we had our final player development indoor soccer practice. Next, on to Futsal!


Dane and his friends thought riding their bikes around the community center at Scouts was a great idea for a February day. My favorite was the race to ride the slowest! It is not easy to ride a bike slow – try it.


Remember these days? This time of year I am often dreaming of summer.


It’s actually pretty warm out today. I’m heading out for a run, of course!

So, I am wondering, do you think we (as a society) send the wrong message to girls/women?

Pool Running and More Elf Antics

I am still counting the days until I can run again. It won’t even bother me if it is really cold out. Well, maybe it will a little at first. But I can’t wait to get back out there. In the meantime, I am trying to make the pool my friend. Since I am not a real swimmer and am just getting my hour in so I won’t be completely out of shape when I can run again, I prefer an empty pool. Not too cold, thank you very much!


For my “injured runner’s workout” I have been alternating 15 minutes of swimming with 15 minutes of pool running. I use the kick board for some of the swimming too. This time confirms for me that I am not ever going to be a triathlete!

poolrunning200x200 aquajogger

You are supposed to wear this aqua jogger belt when pool running, but I gave it up. The one workout I used it felt like it wasn’t a workout at all. It is similar to a life vest and it really just makes it very easy to run. I guess if you are very injured, you might need it.


So I have been very laid back recently. My only goal is to spend a half hour swimming and a half hour running in the pool. I know (now) that most people count their laps or distance. I just do as much as I can and when I am running, I run hard – in the deep end. I guess some people run where their feet can actually touch the ground. I think the pool more than anything else is keeping my lungs in shape. I guess I will eventually find out. And my leg does not hurt from the pool like it did from hot yoga and the other workouts I was doing. So if you ever get injured, try the pool. (This is coming from someone who really does not like the pool, by the way).

December is such a crazy month! I can’t wait to tell you about our trip to Hershey, PA. But life goes on in between the craziness and those moments are fun too.

BlurImage(14-12-2014 11-38-10)-1

Aidan has been doing school at home for the last couple of weeks. This has been a really great time for us. I love helping to teach him and he is so much happier and less stressed about his school work. He is home right now because of his leg, but we are giving serious thought to making this a permanent change. If you homeschool your kids, I would love to hear about your experience.

Basketball has started for Dane. I will never really understand why we start a sport in December when we barely have time for anything. But we are so lucky he has such a great coach and team. It’s going to be a fun season.


It has been so cold out lately! Aidan decided it’s best to wear 2 pairs of gloves. 😉


The cold weather always makes me want to knit again. Soft, colorful yarn and cozy projects. Now if only I could find the time to actually finish one.


Dane’s Scouting Den is working on getting their pocket knives. Tonight they practiced on soap and made their own snacks.


Sammy has been having more fun at our house. Here he is hanging from the chandelier.


Playing with the boys’ Legos on the mantle.

2014-12-14 23.48.59

Hanging out on the refrigerator door (an annual last minute favorite).


And toilet papering the tree.


Never a dull moment. Fezzy joined us for the Grinch tonight.

2014-12-14 23.53.40

And look what I finally remembered to buy!!! Wipers! Now I might actually be able to see out of my window when it rains/snows.


So, I am wondering, do you know anyone who homeschools their child? How is it going?

Never Regret…

Today I did the one thing that I am excited to do each and every time – I went running.  It doesn’t matter whether I am in a bad mood, tired, unmotivated, the weather is terrible or I have a million other “important” things waiting for me when I am done.  I NEVER REGRET A RUN.  So today, on National Runner’s Day, I made time to run with some of my girls on the trail.

run selfie 1

And guess what?  It did what a run always does for me.  It made me happy.  Running makes me happy when I am with my friends and when I am running by myself.  Some days it is tougher than others to get started, but it is always great once I get there.  Even when it isn’t.  So my advice is – whether it is running or something else – find your passion, your inspiration, your center.  The thing that grounds you and makes you a better you.

run collage

Another thing I never regret is being involved in my boys’ lives.  We are so lucky to be able to influence our kids’ perspective and growth.  I finally have some soccer pictures to share!  Here is Dane at goalkeeper training.

soccer keep

soccer keeper1

We had Cub Scouts tonight and we taught the boys marbles games.  I never realized how fun these games are!  Good, old fashioned fun – no electronics.

scouts marbles2 scouts marbles

It was a good day.  I hope yours was too.

D scouts

So, I am wondering, what do you never regret doing?

Weekend Fun

We stayed close to home this weekend and spent time with family and friends.  It was quite nice to relax, actually!  We all got to sleep late, a weekend luxury that will disappear when basketball starts.  The boys caught up on their video games and I caught up around the house.  I think we all feel refreshed!

We did make it out for a few things.  We had a nice time hanging out with family on Saturday at my parent’s house.  My mom made a delicious lasagna Italian dinner.  Mmm.  My brother came in his new Jeep – nice!

J new carThe girls had fun with his other new baby.  He was all smiles this visit.

Smiley guy M crop

Me & M crop

It was another scout packed weekend.  The boys and I collected the food our neighbors left for our local food pantry during Scouting for Food.

Scouts FF2Then we had our Thanksgiving pack meeting.  The boys get to feast on snacks at this meeting.  They get a little crazy after all that sugar!

Scouts pack fun A cropI started on some holiday planning this weekend.  I almost hate to admit it, but I did start shopping too.  I was keeping an eye on certain items the boys were interested in and was horrified to see the price go up from last week!  It is probably only going to get worse.  But some of it was fun.  I am planning on making tons of cookies this year, so I was looking into cookie recipes.  Then there is the infamous Sammy, our Elf.  He usually makes an appearance after Thanksgiving, so it was time to catch up a bit on what everyone’s Elves were up to last year.  The craziness of the holidays seem to start all at once.  Better to be prepared.

SammyTomorrow is a big day for me!  My month’s hiatus from running is finally over!  My Achilles feels great.  Now the trick is to start up again slowly…

So, I am wondering, have you started planning for the holidays?

Taking In The Scenery

Today was a beautiful day to be outside!  We started our day off with a photo session at the lake with Jillian Nicole Photography.  https://www.facebook.com/OhSoFancy1  The boys were great and even Fezziwig wanted to get in on the action!  We have a couple of shots already.  Can’t wait to see the rest.

Boys photo

Boys photo1Of course I had to get a few candids of my own.


Lake2We were off to the beach with friends next, ostensibly to hunt for sea glass.  The boys true motive became clear once we got there.  The lure of rolling down the dunes was too much for them!  Of course there is also no better place to hold wrestling matches.  Although we left with no sea glass today (there didn’t seem to be many shells either!), we had a great time and the boys got to use their metal detectors again.

beach D crop.JPG

beach A

Beach friendsTo cap off the day Aidan was off to a good friend’s house to hang out and play Skylanders.  I have been officially notified that the boys do not go on “play dates” anymore.  They hang out with their friends.  Duly noted.  Dane and I headed to a very serious Cub Scout meeting.  All in all another fun vacation day.

Den7November 6 – Today I am grateful for late nights with friends.  Always a treat.

So, I am wondering, have you tried a local photographer instead of the mall “people”?

Welcome Fall!

Fall is one of my favorite times of year.  The weather is wonderful and there are so many fun activities in our area from apple and pumpkin picking to camping with the Cub Scouts.  Today I spent the first day of Fall doing one of my favorite activities – racing!  The girls and I headed to the Cape May Vineyards this morning for the Down the Shore 5K (Run the Vineyards series).



The weather was just slightly cool, which was perfect as we ran down tree covered streets (in the shade!) and then through the vineyard.  If you ever want to run a scenic 5k with plenty of perks, try this one.  My only complaint is that it was a gun start.  I mean come on.  How much more could it cost to put a second mat down?  Thank goodness for Runkeeper and Garmin.  Inaccurate results are a pet peeve of mine.  I was happy with my time.  It was not a PR for me, but not off by much.  I didn’t feel like I was going to die at any time during my run, which is a sure sign I could have gone faster.  That is ok though.  This one I really enjoyed.


Overall it was a very fun race.   The reasonable entry fee included a wine tasting after you finished, which the girls and I took full advantage of.  Thankfully we had a designated driver!  (Thanks again, Mary!)  The wine was good and the conversation was great.  What fun to hang out with your girlfriends and chat over wine on the deck overlooking the vineyard.  We learned a few new things too!  (You won’t believe where we might get a new church in town!)


After a quick shower I was off to join my family for a birthday celebration where the birthday boy insisted his birthday was yesterday!  (His party was yesterday).  It was great to have some of our family together.  I decided (although I am somewhat biased) that we have cute kids in our family.  It is fun to watch them play together.


imageimageWe capped off the day with Scouts where we got to see more good friends.  I hope every day this Fall is as good as this one.

So, I am wondering, what is your favorite local wine or beer?


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