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Best Bunny Pancakes Ever

The girls

I’m playing catch up again! Lots going on here, and thankfully that includes spending time with the girls. Today was a crazy soccer day for Eileen and I. Eight classes! It was such a beautiful day outside and we were both pretty happy to be out there.

Soccer shots beach

Eileen has been dreaming a lot lately (out loud!) about when she can get another Volkswagen beetle. It turns out that a lot of us had them before kids and gave them up for our kiddos. It’s pretty funny that all of us plan to get another one as soon as our kids start driving! Here is mine when Aidan was a baby. You should have seen me trying to fit his stroller in the front seat! It’s still the best car ever.

my green vw beetle

Remember when pictures had a date stamp? I guess now it’s digital? We have been really good about getting together to run this week. Monday Jeannette and I ran by the lake.

monday run

Tuesday Eileen and I ran the trail. Which reminds me that Runkeeper and I are having a little spat. Apparently lately she doesn’t like cold or wet weather and will only do about half of her tasks if I force her to run with me in “weather.” Sigh. Good thing Garmin keeps her in check. ūüėČ Belt and suspenders, baby. C’mon… I know all of you runners use both too.

tuesday run

Do you ever wish you could eat like a kid again? I really do like to eat healthy, but every now and then…

Kid food

I guess you don’t really have to be a kid to make these for Easter breakfast. I saw this posted on Facebook and had to share it. Now let’s see if I remember to make these with all of the “other” Easter stuff going on. I somehow managed to sign up for the Hot Chocolate 15k in Philly the day before Easter. Cross your fingers for me! I need to get this first race post injury thing over with already!

bunny pancakes


I can not seem to get warm lately! Does this happen to you? It doesn’t matter whether I’m outside or bundled up on the couch. It’s usually warm when you run though, no matter what the outside temperature is.¬† Really, it is… once you get past the first mile or so. Eileen managed to convince us this morning that we live in Antarctica and I fell back into my old habit of overdressing. We still had a great run.

BlurImage(10-2-2015 11-46-37)

Eileen made my day by wearing the hat I made us last year. I have to find mine. I hate to even mention that my leg is a little sore. Hopefully just getting back in shape, but I might have to stick with soft ground for a little while longer. :-(

Check out this PR Bell! Have you ever heard of a better idea than that!¬† My running club is thinking about having one at our Shamrocks for the Shore St Patty’s Day race.


Here is proof that taking pictures after every run is perfectly normal.


The boys love shopping at Five Below. It is one of the few stores they don’t complain about going to. I guess that’s the difference between having girls and having boys.

BlurImage(10-2-2015 8-34-29)

So, I am wondering, do you take selfies…yet?

Your Mission:


Some days we forget how lucky we are. For me, today is not that day. Even when life gets super busy I have great friends and family to share it with. We started today my favorite way – a snowy run with the girls.


It is pretty cold out there! It is tough to get motivated to get out of the house. That is when it is especially good to be meeting friends. Once you get into the first mile,¬†it doesn’t feel¬†cold anymore.


Nerf wars won out again tonight. The boys ran into friends and had a blast.

BlurImage(31-1-2015 0-10-51)-1

In case you were wondering, froyo is not just for summer. Since I am eating healthy lately I restrained myself and didn’t finish the boys’ yogurt that they probably each took one bite out of. For me, that’s willpower!

So, I am wondering, what is your favorite froyo flavor?

– tonight I had mint and peanut butter with a little hot fudge!

Guess What I have Been Doing

This is really going to shock you, I know. I guess I am still pretty excited about it.


I have been running every chance I get. I realized last week that as long as I don’t run hills, my leg is fine. (No, really! Many of you know how much I used to hate hills and avoid them at all costs, but I got over that. My leg is just not ready for them yet.) So I am trying to talk the girls into going out as much as we can. I talked them into signing up for my favorite race so now they have to train with me!¬† Yay!!! ūüėȬ† April Fool’s Half, here we come. We are going to have the best time.


But if they can’t make it, I am learning to love running by myself again. It’s not as much fun as being with friends, but you get something totally different out of it. After running by myself my head is totally clear.


Running in the snow is so beautiful. Today was not runnable on the trail¬†without Trax though. I’m so glad I got them last winter!


I just went through my spring race calendar and I am getting really excited. :-)


Aidan made a ping pong ball launcher in Scouts. Thanks, Mr. Gatto!¬† Actually he loves it. He would like to bring it to his next Nerf War, but we decided that wouldn’t be fair.


We finally had a real snow day. Not nearly as much as we were expecting, but enough to cancel school. Good enough!


The girls and I snuck some girl time in too. Always a blast. Sushi and RumChata and lots of laughs.

So, I am wondering, do you like to talk while you run, or just listen?

Feed Your Soul

feed your soul

Sometimes the daily grind of life takes its toll on us and our happiness suffers. The winter can be tough for this too with less daylight and more time indoors. It’s so important to take care of yourself at these times! We all know how much better life is in general when we are happy. Our outlook is better and our relationships are more fun.¬†So the tough question is: What makes you happy?


Running always makes me happy. I am readopting my mantra from last year РNever Regret A Run. And I am even happier to be back after having to take so much time off.  So I am pretty happy lately!


Running with friends is even better. I didn’t get to spend time with some of these girls when I wasn’t running and I am so glad to be catching up with them again. Hopefully we will be able to get our regular runs set up again soon.¬†We have a great running community¬†where I live and I am excited to run with all of the girls again.¬†My leg feels great – what a relief!!!¬† The hokas and not running on the road are helping too.


Spending time with my friends always makes me happy. I have such great friends! <3 It really replenishes your energy and positive outlook to be with great friends.


I’m not sure I ever want to be without hot yoga again either. Meditation and being really present are so hard to do in everyday life! We are always multitasking! Yoga helps me put things in perspective and really take a break from the craziness and “noise.”¬† I always feel restored after yoga.

What makes you happy? Squeeze in some time to reconnect with yourself – you will be glad you did!

We had our first real snow today. It was beautiful.


We were supposed to get enough snow to possibly have a delayed school opening tomorrow, but it stopped early! The boys are so disappointed! But Fezziwig is not. Lol.



Look what Dane found tonight!  His trading card from his first soccer team!

dane card front

He was such a cutie!  Aidan and Dane were actually on this team together with a bunch of their best friends.  Dane swears he was the goalkeeper for this team too.  ; )

Dane card back

Tomorrow is our last game of the season.  I hope it goes well!

The girls and I managed to get together this morning for a run even though we all thought we had too much going on at first.¬† One by one we all arrived at Jeannette’s house (even crazy Jeannette who was at the gym first!).

run girls

I’m so glad we made it.¬† Tara – we missed you though!¬† The kids will be out of school soon and it will be harder to get together.¬† It was so humid this morning!¬† It was not easy to breathe!¬† But we managed 6 good miles anyway.¬† I’m happy to report my knee is feeling better too.¬† Sometimes one good day off is all it takes.


You know what they say…

run bib

Eileen and I owe everyone at BJ’s an apology.¬† We went there straight from our extremely hot run – because that is just how busy the last couple of weeks of school/sports is!¬† It was not pretty though.¬† It is really the only place that sells produce in big enough containers.¬† The boys and I will go through the regular size of raspberries/blueberries in one sitting.¬† And you know how I feel about these tomatoes!¬† I bought two this trip so there is no pressure to conserve them!


Yes, those are plantains you see.¬† Have you had them?¬† Fried plantains are one of my favorites.¬† Also known as tostones, they are easy to make.¬† Here is a recipe if you want to try them yourself.¬† I skip dipping them in water, but make sure you buy ripe (not green) plantains.¬† They won’t taste good otherwise.


Hope you have a good weekend!

So, I am wondering, what is your favorite type of food?

Soccer Pictures, etc.

Look what my friend sent me!  Soccer pictures Рfrom a really good camera.  I am so excited to have these pictures since I can never take any while I am coaching.  Thanks Corinne!  This one is Dane with his great friends that he has played soccer with for a while now.

soccer v brick1

This is the coin toss before the game.  You can actually see the coin in the air!

soccer v brick2

Here are Scott and I giving a pep talk.

soccer v brick3

I’m starting to love Mondays.¬† Strange, right?¬† But Monday mornings the girls and I always seem to be able to catch up for a run.¬† Our schedules are getting in the way the rest of the week lately, but we have Mondays.¬† Today Eileen showed up dressed completely differently than Deirdre and I – we were layered in jackets, etc.¬†¬†Next time we need to just call¬†Eileen first.¬† Deirdre and I ended up undressing along the way.¬† It’s just practice for our next early morning race, I guess.


We got in a quick 5 miles in our Newtons before getting on to the rest of the day.¬† And we made a new friend – Kat.¬† ūüėČ


This is part of why I love running.


Hope you have a great week

Changing It Up

It’s a day for new perspectives.  I started a new Friday morning tradition today, thanks to my friend Stephanie.  Every Friday we will get together in some way and support each other in making good food choices.  Gone are the cookies!  (Bye, I’ll miss you…)  Wish me luck.  I am going to need it.  I happen to love dessert.  It is a competition though, so that will probably motivate me.


I also changed up my run today.  The girls and I ran on the other side of town and I made a new running friend.  :)  Sometimes little changes can really make your day.  8.5 miles flew by as we spent time chatting.  The April Fool’s Half Marathon will be here before we know it!  No slacking now!  I can’t even believe I stopped at 8.45 miles though.  I pretty religiously run my Garmin up to the next half mile.  Eileen posted this today – definitely sums it up.


Look what we saw on our run!  Can you tell how big this mailbox is?  You could definitely fit a medium sized box in here.  This is a change I might have to make! 


My mail lady has been known to knock on my door with my mail because the mailbox is full.  Worse yet, she is also my mom’s mail lady.  Sometimes she asks my mom to tell me to get my mail!  This mailbox might do the trick.

One last change is the running log on my blog.  I hope it works!  I am on the lookout for a better one already though.  I would like it to show total distance as well.  If you know of one, let me know!

So, I am wondering, what small change could you make that would make you happier?


Silver Linings

Today was the first day back to our routine after the holiday break.¬† We woke up too tired to get out of bed, listening to the pouring rain.¬† Of course it was still dark outside.¬† Talk about motivation!¬† I might have mentioned that I am not a morning person…¬† I was so tired today that I forgot to put a cup under my Keurig!¬† (Did you ever notice that the end of the brew is much lighter than the beginning?)¬† I grabbed the closest cup to save the rest of the counter!

bamboo 004

I had something to look forward to today though.  Eileen, Deidre, Ellyn and I were meeting for our first group run after the break.  Yay!  And even though it was pouring, it was quite warm outside Рhigh 40s, low 50s.  This was the silver lining of the gray, rainy, too early day!


We had a great run, chatting about our break, the upcoming half marathon and anything else that came to mind.¬† Eileen gave us quite a work out too!¬† We ran the steepest hills in the neighborhood, which is something I definitely would not do by myself.¬† Now if only I could get my rain visor to stay up…


I jumped on the Yaktrax bandwagon the other day to be sure a little snow doesn’t derail my training.¬† It certainly sounds like a good idea!¬† I am not interested in any more injuries, that’s for sure.

yaktrax run features

I am not the first person to have this idea though.¬† Yaktrax Run is sold out in women’s sizes pretty much everywhere!¬† I got lucky.¬† I jumped on eBay at the right time and there they were – for less than half the original price!¬† I will be excited to try them out the next time it snows.

Maybe my luck came from my new bamboo plant.  My friend Lisa gave it to me to bring me luck in the coming year.  It is so pretty!  Thanks Lis!

bamboo 012

So, I am wondering, do you do anything to bring you luck in the new year?


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