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How to Avoid Running Injuries

Let’s be honest, injuries are just not fun. If you are a runner you have probably had at least one running related injury though, whether it was a minor shin splint or something major. The key of course is to avoid the injury before it happens. Since most running injuries are overuse injuries, we actually can prevent them. Here are some tips on how to do that.

Avoiding running injuries

I feel very strongly that if you follow these, you will be much less likely to get injured from running. Some of them are tough to follow though!

5 miles

It is such a pretty time of year to run – new discoveries and little friends everywhere.


Soccer Sunday was a great day. My Hurricanes left it all on the field against the number one team and came away with a very respectable loss.

My keeper

We basically left the game and headed straight to goalkeeper training. Can you tell he loves it? There was some excitement while we were there. I guess open fields are a safe place for medical transport helicopters.


Aidan and I kicked the ball around for a while.

My guy

It’s that time of year when I get my favorite flower often. :-) I love dandelions – they are my favorite color and they are usually given to you with no strings attached, just because the person appreciates you and wants to make you happy. What more could you ask for? This year I am getting them from my sweet boys and my soccer shots kids! Bonus!

My favorite

For the record, if you see me around town in these, they are not pajamas!!!  I swear. My boys are not so sure. But since they are the most comfortable pants I have ever worn, I am still going to wear them.

Not pajamas

So, I am wondering, what is your favorite flower?

The Forest or the Trees?


It’s true, runners do not make good patients. We are probably pretty stubborn as a group and we rarely want to see the big picture of an injury. In our defense, running is very addictive. It just makes you feel good about life. Plus, who wants to give up months of training just before a race? This is my dilemma. Yes, I know it makes no sense at all if you are not a runner. So I am still not running in hopes that I can race on Sunday (5k). And the next Sunday (18 miler). And the one after that (perfect 10 miler).

Cross training it is for now. At least someone was excited about it!


Here are some common reasons runners get injured. Keep these in mind during your training.



My boys are so sweet. Dane got the couch all set up for me after dinner and insisted that I sit down and ice my leg. My sweetie. <3


It has been forever since I ran a 5k. I am really only running this weekend to honor my dear friend and all of the women out there who are battling or have battled breast cancer. There is no race quite as stressful as the 5k because really, anything is possible. This is why I gave them up.


So, I am wondering,my runner friends, if it was you what would you REALLY do about these upcoming races and training?

Giant Clam and Time Off

Have you ever wondered why Long Beach Island has giant clams at local businesses along the boulevard?  They have been a quirky, fun part of the landscape for quite a while now. They are part of the ReClam the Bay movement. This nonprofit organization helps to maintain the vitality of Barnegat Bay. Here is a link to many of the colorful clams you will see on the island. The girls and I came across this one last week.


It was painted by Cathleen Engelsen, a historical artist.

One of my posts was reposted on the Global Genes Site. I’m happy to be promoting awareness about rare diseases because they really are pretty hard to understand.

Its flu shot time! Of course I don’t have the time to make a doctor’s appointment and wait a week to get in to get my flu shot. What would we do without Target?


Here is the bad news. I am taking a little time off of running. Hopefully very little because I have a 5k this weekend. But ignoring an injury is not the answer, which my friends have been kind enough to remind me. I am likely to get seriously grumpy this week! But I will focus on cross training as much as I can and hopefully be back soon. “Arms Crossed.”  (That’s for you, Eileen!) Here are my last two disappointing runs before I knew I needed to stop.


I saw this and laughed so hard. It is so true. And a bit crazy. But I have to admit I am guilty of the before and after. Actually, I probably had my Walkman in 1994!

IMG_441230172687503Here are some more fun pictures from Dane’s birthday.


And my other two cuties.


So, I am wondering, do you get a flu shot?


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