You have to run on the first day of spring, right? I totally dismissed the weather reports right up until the first snowflake fell. Unbelievable!

first day of spring

Running in the snow is really beautiful though and hopefully I won’t get to do that again until next year. So I took advantage of it. The cold, wet weather definitely made it a rocket day, and I’m not talking about speed! TMI, I’m sure, but all runners know that running doesn’t have to be glamorous to be good. Amazingly, my leg didn’t hurt after I was done and after putting 21 miles on it over the week. :-)

recovery drinkThis is a sight that makes me happy. My favorite recovery drink is getting so hard to find in our stores! When I see it, I grab a bunch. Sorry Eileen! You should probably get dibs since you introduced me to it!



Aidan talked us into getting up early on Saturday (when will we ever get to sleep in again?) to go to a radio giveaway at the mall. We didn’t win the big prizes, but it was fun to see the boys excited about it. And now we have giant yellow bee shirts. 😉

Soccer is really back in our schedule and our weekends are going to include Soccer Shots as well as our travel team games for the rest of the spring. It’s a fun time of year.

soccer shots


The boys finally got out on their new bikes too! I see some bike runs in my future.

new bikes


hard makes it great

What did you do this weekend?