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Getting ready to race

It’s race season!!!!  Yay! You have no idea how happy this makes me. This weekend is my favorite race of all – the April Fool’s Half marathon in Atlantic City. This was my first half and is still my favorite. I mean, how can you beat running along the boardwalk with these views.

April fools half course

Plus, it’s close enough that a lot of my friends usually run it. This has been a tough training season, weather wise, so I will miss some of my usual running buddies at the race this year. :-( Here are me and my girls from last year.

Race buddies April Fools 2014

Here we are with our SOL Sisters.



Time flies… I can’t wait to run it with Tara and Dawn this year. Here we are in 2013.


It has been raining non stop here lately! I’m not sure we will ever get a full week of soccer practice in! Some of my boys came out despite the weather. I always remember having so much fun playing soccer in the rain. These boys loved it too.

Soccer in the rain

There was no convincing them that practice should end early, and that was fine with me. They were all smiles right up until the end.

My soccer guys

I’m hoping for a lazy morning tomorrow. We might as well get something out of spring break, right? Even our pets know the morning routine around our house. Everything is better after coffee and a protein bar.

White cat

So, I am wondering, what is your favorite thing to do on a rainy day?

Running Goals And Gear For Beginners

It’s that time of year for resolutions and fitness goals. Maybe this is the year you have decided to start running. If so, you won’t regret it! Here are some tips to help get you started.

beginner runner tips

I’m not going to sugar coat it – if you have never run before your first couple of times out may not be your favorite exercise experiences. But, as I am sure you have heard me say before, If you don’t love running, then you have not run far enough or long enough. My prediction is that you will fall in love with running the third time you run 3 miles.  The runner’s high is real and you will find that you are just a happier person when you run. So how do you get there? And once there, how do you stay there? Try these:

  • Run With A Friend
  • Start A Couch to 5K Training Program
  • Sign Up For A Race
  • Join A Running Club
  • Get The Right Running Shoes
  • Gear!

Run With A Friend

run with friends3

Not only is it more fun to run with a friend, you are much more likely to stick with your plan if you know someone else is counting on you to show up.

run with friends2

You won’t believe the things you talk about while running! So many good times.

Start A Couch to 5K Training Program

Depending upon your current level of fitness, getting out and running may not be the easiest thing to do at first. There are plenty of couch to 5k apps to choose from for Apple and Android phones. Here are a few written plans to make it easier. I like the first one the best.

c25k plan


8 week c25k

beginner running plan

Sign Up For A Race

Signing up for a 5K gives you a fun goal to work toward. Plus you get to wear silly race gear.

run with friends1

Join A Running Club

Being part of a local running club will inspire you to keep going and give you confidence to reach your goals. You will also probably make a ton of great friends that you will train with and have the best time with at races.

run with friends

Get The Right Running Shoes

Every person runs differently – some people have flat feet and others have high arches. Some people over or under pronate while others are neutral runners. This will influence what type of shoe you need to stay injury free. If you plan to start running, you might as well get the right shoe to start. If you don’t know what kind of runner you are, visit a local running store and they can tell you.

running tips


Let’s not forget running gear! Honestly, part of the beauty of running is it’s simplicity. Running is portable, it is free and you can run year round in most parts of the country (yes, even today when it is snowing and 28 degrees! Those are some of the most beautiful runs). So, other than running shoes, running gear is not essential. But it is fun!

Tech Shirts

If you are casually running 3 miles a few times a week, cotton will probably work for you. Once you start to add distance and warm weather though, the dreaded chafing will come into play and you might want to go for tech shirts, sports bras and body glide. Trust me, you will only make this mistake once!

Garmin or other GPS Watch

You will be amazed at what happens to your running when you start using a GPS watch that gives you your pace and compares your runs. You will definitely understand the running term PR (personal record) because you will start racing yourself! I bet you get faster. 😉

Running Shoes

You really should get one good pair of running shoes when you start. Of course I love Brooks, but there are plenty of other brands that design performance shoes for running – Mizuno, Asics, Newton, Hoka One, etc.  Within some of the brands you can choose whether you want a minimalist or a stability shoe as well. You will have to try them to figure out what works best for you.

Good Luck!

So, I am wondering, how old were you when you first started running?


Today was a perfect day for baking for the holiday!  It was a rainy, cold day – the kind that makes you want to stay toasty inside.  After running, of course!  Luckily for us the day started out quite warm and progressively got colder.  Perfect!  I made two new recipes today that both came out great.  Neither one of them is entirely “my” recipe.  They were floating around online and I made some changes to suit my taste.

First I made Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies for tomorrow.

pumpkin cookies2Chocolate chip cookies are Aidan’s number one favorite, and we all love pumpkin.  Plus, pumpkin is so healthy for you.  A “superfood,” in fact.  I tasted the batter, of course, and was a little nervous at first.  It was very “pumpkiny.”

Pumpkin cookies1The pumpkin taste was absolutely perfect once they were baked though.  These might become one of the top cookies in our house.  They are delicious!  Pumpkin pie and chocolate chip cookie rolled into one.  Here is the recipe if you want to make them. Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies Recipe

pumpkin cookies3Next I made chocolate mint cookies.  Messy, but very yummy.  These are not for tomorrow.  I just figured while I was at it, I would get a start on my holiday baking.  They are in the freezer now.

chocolate mint cookiesFinally, I made Double Chocolate Gingerbread for tomorrow.  Sandy baked this for me a couple of weeks ago and it was heaven.  Dane and I are gingerbread fans.  We could finish a batch of gingerbread cookies ourselves.  I had never tried chocolate gingerbread though!  And this one also has chocolate chunks in it!

choc gingerbread1                             choc gingerbread2

If you are a gingerbread fan, you will love this recipe.  Here it is Chocolate Gingerbread recipe

While I was baking I received a text that my running club sweatshirt was in!  Yay!  I love it.  I will miss all of my runner girls tomorrow at our club’s Gobble Wobble 5k.  Wish I could be there… https://www.facebook.com/gobblewobble5kdrumstickdash


I hope you have a Happy Thanksgiving!



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