The boys and I are very lucky people.  We have great friends.  Lately we have been having a lot of fun with them.

running girls

This morning the girls and I had a great 7 mile run.  You would not believe some of the things runners talk about while running.  We pretty much know everything about each other and that is how we like it.  We laughed so hard this morning…

I also got to go to the zoo with Dane for his class trip yesterday.  It was raining on our way to the zoo, but the kids really did not care at all.  The rain did stop and the kids loved running around the zoo.

Dane zoo

The animals were cool, but it was more about the kids being together.

Zoo 008Zoo 014

Sandy, Sharon and I all chaperoned, so we got to spend the day together too.  These are special times with our kids and our friends.

The morning rain left us with an afternoon of no sports.  Free time???  Crazy!  So the boys and I headed to the beach for a summer preview.

beach collage

So glad we did.

Zoo 016

Dane had a soccer game today and played so well.  I am so proud of him.  The whole team played great today, actually.  They made their coach very proud.  :)

So, I am wondering, what is your favorite thing to do with friends?