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Visions of Last Time Flash Inside My Mind…

I know you’re looking at that cave and you’re feeling kind of brave…Don’t Mine At Night.  Minecraft lyrics keep running through my mind today.  It might have something to do with the million times we listened to that song in preparation for our Minecraft camping trip with Scouts.  I have a feeling Minecraft will be very unpopular with me by the time we are done camping.

Today was a beautiful day for a pirate ride with the Jersey Shore Pirates.  www.jerseyshorepirates.com  My nephew had his birthday party there today and you really could not ask for a better party.  The kids loved it.



Admiral Aidan, Daring Dane and the rest of the young pirates successfully found the treasure, defeated Pirate Pete and celebrated with grog, pizza and cake.


Before we headed off to pirate adventures, our soccer team had another great win – 3 and 0 so far!  My little goalie successfully defended his first penalty kick today.  It was his first experience one on one with a direct kick, and as his mom/coach I was a little nervous.  It was a good kick, but he caught it!  This is the face of a proud kid!  It was an exciting and happy moment for us.


While we were at the game my other guy was making pumpkin cake with Nana.  I wish you could have smelled the house when we walked in!  Heaven!  Needless to say we got forks and dove right in.  My family has an affinity for pumpkin.  Pumpkin muffins, pancakes, pie, soup, we love them all.  The cake was delicious!  Mmm : )


Tomorrow is another busy day…  I can’t believe I have another race and I didn’t get to write about last week’s half marathon yet!  The pictures are in and I will eventually share them.  Tomorrow I am off to Run the Vineyards.  Wish me luck!

So, I am wondering, what is the best kids birthday party you have taken your child to?  What made it so good?

Great Day For A Run

The stars aligned today for my run.  I woke up to a cool overcast morning and my boys having perfect behavior.  Let me start off by saying I am not a morning person.  I run early in the summer because it is too hot and sunny later in the day.  And while it does feel great to have accomplished my run and be energized for the rest of the day, I would still prefer to sleep in.

So the “great” weather (great running weather, that is) meant that I could enjoy my mandatory two cups of coffee in pjs rather than chugging them while putting on my running clothes.  I really am not a morning person.  Those who know me agree.

My luck continued as we got to the track/playground.  There was a wonderful breeze and kids playing at the playground!  The boys had fun with other kids and I had a great run.  Perspective makes all the difference.  I was energized and happy and ran faster without feeling like I put out extra effort.  I need to remember that the next time I am not so excited about my run.  So much of running (and life) is mental.  A positive attitude changes everything for the better


Guess what?  While I was running my little nephew was born.  It is truly a good day.


The cooler weather also made me think of an upcoming 5K I am running at the end of September.  The weather should be perfect then too.  It part of the Run the Vineyards series – this one in Cape May, New Jersey.  It will be my first vineyard run and I can’t wait. If you want to run it too, here is the link – http://gooddayforarun.com/event/run-the-vineyards-down-the-shore-5k/.

Can’t wait for this one.

image image image

So, I am wondering, do you have any fall races scheduled that you are excited for?


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