This weekend we headed up to Newark to watch a Red Bulls soccer game.  We love live sporting events and go as often as we can.  Since we are in the middle of soccer season, we were really excited to see this game.

Red Bulls stadium

The stadium is pretty new and we had great seats to see all of the action.  It is amazing to watch professionals play, especially after coaching 8 year olds for a while!  They really make it look effortless.

Red Bulls collage

RB score

Of course the boys had to have hot dogs for the third dinner of the night.

RB me and boys1

And they talked their dad into giant hand souvenirs.  Really, what are we ever going to do with these again?  If you have boys, you know what Aidan is doing with his in this picture.  He thought it was hilarious!

Red Bulls hands2

The boys are now officially Red Bulls fans, even though they lost to Portland 2-1.

red bulls sign

It was getting late when the game was over, but the boys were holding up amazingly well.

red bulls hands

Since we were in my old law school neighborhoods, I talked everyone into going to Hoboken for giant slices of pizza.  7 Stars Pizza always had the biggest slices and is open practically all night.  Perfect!  A boy after my own heart.

7 star pizza

Sometimes the places that are not much to look at have the best food.

7 Star

We had a great time at the game and I had a nice little visit down memory lane.

So, I am wondering, what was the last game you went to?