I finally did it – I went to hot yoga with the girls.  It has been more than a year since Dawn and Tara tried to convince me it was the best thing ever.  I held out with the full list of regular excuses.  Plus everyone knows I am terrible at cross training.  Then it started to seem like everyone was going to Hot or Not – and everyone loved it.  Finally, yesterday a new friend asked me to go in an hour.  Perfect!  Not enough time to talk myself out of it and I get to spend time with a new friend.  Thanks so much, Paula!


So here’s the deal.  Do not go to hot yoga unless you have the time to make it a regular habit.  It is amazing and totally addicting.  Some of it was tough for me.  I could not believe it when I looked around at my friends all doing the crow position.  And a few others that I can’t remember the names of.  So now I have a new goal.  Even though you probably don’t have an ounce of water left in your body when you are done, you leave feeling totally refreshed.  See you next week, girls!

Jeannette and I braved the weather yesterday to pick up our packets for the race on Sunday.  Yikes!  Now that was a downpour!  We drove right into it.  Everything in Wildwood was flooded.  We got out of the car and the water was literally past our ankles.  I had to roll up my jeans and take off my sandals.  Jeannette on the other hand had on capris so she ran right to the building.  Nice to totally abandon me!  The lady working registration had my back though.  Just wait until tomorrow Missy!  Just kidding.  I love running with my girls.  And thanks for driving in that mess, Jeannette.

Wildwood wash out

Tomorrow I have a new lucky number.


Melissa has inspired me, once again, to be my best.  I was seriously considering taking it easy.  She knows me so well though and knows exactly what to say to whip me into shape.  Thanks.  I hope I can live up to your prediction.  Can’t wait until you finally have your sweet boy and can get back to running!

Another disappointing race shirt.  Does anyone like white oversized tech shirts with sleeves that are way too long???  And really, a gender specific option should be the standard for a large race like this one.  I am so thankful that I often get to design the shirts for our club’s races.  Maybe I should solicit feedback….  Maybe I am the only one who likes them!  Anyway, I think I will make a race shirt quilt after all.


Time to carb load.  I have cut this down to one day for a half.  I know its supposed to be a treat, but I don’t like it.  It does not make me feel good at all.  But it is helpful on race day.

So, I am wondering, have you tried hot yoga?  Do you like it?

Also, do you like carb loading?