Another weekend over!  Time always seems to fly by.  I am happy for Monday though.  Aidan was just asking Dane and I what our favorite day of the week is.  Aidan likes Friday and Dane likes Saturday.  I agree with both of them – those are always good days.  The boys both agreed that Monday was not their favorite day.  I secretly like Mondays though because I can get back to running.  I almost never have time to run over the weekend and I am ready to go for a run once Monday arrives.

monday love run

It was another basketball weekend.  These crazy days will be ending soon and I think we will probably miss them.  This weekend the boys games were at the same time.  Since I am coaching Aidan I had to miss Dane’s game.  Aidan’s game was a lot of fun this weekend.  It was a three day weekend and we had a lot of players on vacation.  Only 3 players made the game!  We need 5 players to play a game.  I wish I had permission to post the picture I took of my 3 all stars – it is such a great picture.  Luckily the coach of our opposing team had 2 players he could loan us.  As it turns out, he gave us 2 very good players!  Because of the crazy situation the game was not that serious and I think the boys all had a great time.  Aidan was thrilled that he got to do tip off and all of the boys were happy to be in for the entire game.

A tip off

The Central Park half marathon is this weekend so the final preparations are under way.  Tomorrow is my last “long” run before the race (although it will probably be more of a medium run) and I plan to try out my new smartwool socks.  My friends tell me these keep your feet warm without the plastic bag trick.  I’m not the biggest fan of wearing plastic bags for 13 miles, so I am hoping these work.  I am also hoping it doesn’t rain on Sunday!


I’m am trying to clean up my eating this week.  Valentine’s Day has gotten me off track.  We had dinner tonight at a great friend’s house and that was a step in the right direction.  I am also rediscovering how good and how easy spinach salads are.


Our Cub Scout “Blue and Gold” dinner is this Sunday as well.  This is a big event in the scouting year and we have been preparing for it for a while now.  We will be completing the final touches on our banner and flag this week and making themed desserts.  It will be a busy week!  My mom is an amazing seamstress and she was nice enough to help us sew our flag.  The boys have been working on the details and I can’t wait to see how it all turns out!


So, I am wondering, do you like Mondays?