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Pinewood Derby 2015

20150126_222750Greetings from Blizzard – Dane’s first snowman of the year.

Our Cub Scout Pinewood Derby was last week and it was a really fun, super exhausting day. We spent so much time and energy on it that I had to take a break before I could write about it. Kind of like race days.

The Pinewood Derby is an event where the boys build race cars to very specific guidelines from a block of wood. Here is the original block of wood.


We spend a ridiculous amount of time on these blocks of wood and turn them into this.

2015-01-26 23.04.15

This is the first year I build a car too. We have a great time planning and building the cars, but the real fun comes on race day.


The boys are so excited to watch their cars race. One of the wonderful things about this race is that they are almost as excited to watch their friends cars race too. Most of the boys stay and watch all of the races, cheering on their friends.

BlurImage(26-1-2015 10-43-32)

This year Aidan’s car was up first. The boys cars race against cars built by other boys the same age. After a few test runs on the track, they were off.


Our Pack’s track very accurately measures the speed of the cars – which is often necessary to tell which car won. Each car races in all six lanes of the track and the times are averaged to determined a winner. From there, the top six racers move on to a finals round to choose the final fastest car.


This year was Aidan’s year. His car was super fast and consistently placed first at a speed of 211 + miles per hour! I could not have been happier for him! :-) He was pretty excited too.

PWD 2015 025

Dane’s car was up next.


Dane came up with an original design for his car this year. We talk a lot about physics principles when choosing a car design and the boys have learned a lot. Dane decided to add wings in front of his back wheels to change the air flow and potentially reduce drag. I am so proud of him for understanding these concepts and coming up with this design!


It’s always trial and error with our car designs and we learn from them each year. Dane’s car did well this year, but was not a top three finisher like he is used to from previous years. 210 miles an hour is still a very fast car! I am so proud of him.


It was so much fun racing my own car in the non Scout division this year too. It’s such a different feeling being on the other side of the track!


Mine wasn’t as fast as the boys’ cars, but raced a pretty consistent 208 miles per hour. I came home with a second place trophy!

As usual, it was an amazing day. Our tradition is to go to our favorite burger restaurant with friends for a late dinner. More fun. We slept late the next day. 😉

PWD 2015 046

Dane's snowman

Two Words – Pinewood Derby

Yup, it’s that time again.  The craziness of our Cub Scout Pack’s Pinewood Derby has begun.  In case you are not familiar with the Pinewood Derby, it is an amazing event held by the Cub Scouts each year (across the country) where the boys build their own race car out of wood (pine, of course!).  Once built the cars enter one of the most fun competitions you will ever witness – they race against each other on a metal track with the boys gathered around cheering them on.  These are the boys’ cars from last year. A PWD 13 D PWD 13 I love this competition because it is such a great learning opportunity for the boys.  They learn about physics when we decide which car body design they would like to use.  They learn how to use tools when we build the car.  They learn about competition and sportsmanship when they are racing their car.  It is also a great family event for us.  We spend many hours on our cars and Nana and Popop get in on the action too.  Last year Popop built his own car and won first place in his division!



This competition is a lot of work too!  The specifications on how the cars are allowed to be built are extremely detailed and meticulously upheld.  The dimensions, materials used and total weight of each car is carefully examined before the competition starts.  If a car falls outside of any of the boundaries, it must be fixed on location in order to race.  Over the years we have found that our Pack runs the event better than anywhere else we have competed.  Our track is so exciting for the boys and so fair.  We would not miss it for the world, but you will probably hear us moaning during the process!  For security reasons we will probably wait to share this year’s designs until competition day.  Just kidding.  Sort of….

We went to the coolest birthday party this past weekend.  It was a “make your own pizza” party.


The kids each made their own individual pizza.



Then they played “Minute to Win It” games.



Happy Birthday Christian!

Today the girls and I ran 6 miles in my new favorite location.  No hills at all.  My ankle thanks me for that!  Time flies when you are running with friends.

Dane came home with a surprise he made in school today.  Butter!  So yummy, which made perfect sense when he told us it is made entirely out of heavy cream.  Thanks Dane!

Butter D

butter A

So, I am wondering, have you made a Pinewood Derby car?


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